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  • ScottyRex

    As the clock ticks down, I just wish our politicians would get on with it. I think Teresa May has had a bitch of a job in the last couple of years and wish her well. As a once Labour supporter I could not under any circumstance support them again under Jeremy Corbyn and Diane Abbot.

    I voted out, and do still have hope that the UK will prosper free of Europe. What are your thoughts on this...?

  • cofty
  • blondie

    I see you too have a ticking bomb like we do in the US. But the president of the US has the access codes to launch the nuclear missiles in this country.

  • Old Navy
    Old Navy

    The EU is looking more and more like a Cult itself. It does seem that some of its 'states' are rejecting the mandate for forced immigration such as Hungary, Slovakia, the Czech Republic and Poland.

    I certainly hope that the UK manages to break free from EU strangulation.

  • WingCommander

    I've heard of this, but honestly haven't kept up. (American, sorry)

    The UE sounds like a good idea, but I feel each country should retain it's own individuality and ability to govern itself and not have to pander to some sort of "group think" mentality.

    I wish the UK and Europe well.

  • Old Navy
    Old Navy

    It looks like Brexit has been sabotaged by both sides in negotiations. Politics as usual.

    What was PM May thinking?

  • cofty
    What was PM May thinking?

    The PM has negotiated a transitional arrangement with the EU to keep everything working smoothly after Brexit. That would then allow us a couple of years to negotiate a long-term trade deal with the EU.

    The EU are worried that those long-term talks might fail which would leave an open border between Eire (EU) and Northern Ireland (non-EU) so they have included a 'backstop' in the transitional deal. If it was ever triggered it would leave the UK stuck with EU rules and tie Northern Ireland more closely to the EU.There would no way for the UK to get out of the backstop without EU approval.

    However, the backstop is also a really bad position for the EU. Nobody wants to end up in the backstop or to stay in it. However avoiding a hard border in Ireland is a must.

    May has tried and failed to convince MPs that we can't get any deal without a backstop.

    A majority of MPs are pro-EU and will use any excuse to overturn the democratic decision of the people.

    Parliament has voted that they do not want to leave without a deal. They have voted that they don't want a second referendum. They have voted they don't want Theresa May's deal. The EU have made clear no other deal is possible.

    The Speaker of the House (smarmy bastard) has ruled that the PM cannot bring the deal to the House for a third time. The deadline is looming.

    May is off to Europe on Thursday to ask for an extension.

  • galaxie

    Theresa may had no concern for the Democratic will of the people who brought in her government who had a sizeable majority. She (after having said on multiple occasions she would not call a general election) had no regard for the Democratic will of the people,but decided to try and bolster the majority she already had. She is now paying the price as she lost her majority. Paying off the dup has not helped her so far. Worries about the backstop were apparent to both sides hence she negotiated her withdrawal deal and presented it to parliament who shot it down comprehensively twice..I wonder why ?..the speaker ,his personality aside, was absolutely within his rights to put the kywash on it being brought back a third and possibly a fourth time, where was her regard for the democracy of parliament. This fiasco will roll on and on bringing more and more uncertainty for the country..Better the deal we've got, trade is good jobs are pretty secure and Ireland North and South are reasonably stable and peace there should not be put at risk.

  • cofty
    Better the deal we've got

    What deal?

    Or do you mean we should ignore the democratic decision of the people?

  • cofty

    The government spent £9 million sending every household in the UK a copy of a booklet with the pithy title, 'Why the Government believes that voting to remain in the European Union is the best decision for the UK.' here...

    On page 14 it said, 'This is your decision. The Government will implement what you decide.'

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