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  • galaxie

    The status quo deal....the Democratic decision of the people is in the hands of our sovereign parliament who have by Democratic decree to decide the most prudent and secure course for the uk..or what's the point of parliament ? The minority hard right have got us into this mess by misrepresentation ,where's the democracy there. Nearly three years on and were on the brink of a no deal crash out disaster. Common sense must prevail an advisory ref' decided by a relatively small margin should not be allowed to put people lives and peace in jeopardy.

  • cofty

    I thought so.

    Are you even aware of your mental gymnastics?

    Brexit was the democratic decision. The government made a promise - 'This is your decision. The Government will implement what you decide.'

    The only decision parliament have to make is how to implement Brexit.

    The EU is a bureaucratic monster. It is the least accountable, least democratic, greediest, power-grabbing, bullying, self-serving organisation since FIFA. We are leaving. Good riddance to the EU.

  • galaxie

    My mental gymnastics are shared by millions most of whom probably have a better insight on the situation than me. When did you last hear of a positive outcome of brexit it has gone eerily quiet,your opinion of the European union which by the way includes the uk is exactly the minority rhetoric which brought about this fiasco. Seriously how many of the government's information pamphlets were assigned unceremoniously to the bin without being read my guess is millions who even mentions them now at this stage were in a totally different ball game or hadn't you noticed,no one is talking about three years ago we are much better informed and the majority of information is (including the government's own) is negative .Your hatred of the eu's motives are what causes you to put peoples livelihoods and peace and security in the back burner...yes I believe we will exit eu although my wish is we stay but I hope sense will prevail and it will be as painless as possible for the people of the UK.

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