KH Hall doors to remain locked during meetings?

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  • Vidiot
    StarTrekAngel - "KH doors to remain locked during meetings?"

    Of course.

    Not every congregation can afford a bunker, and they gotta give the NWO stormtroopers something to break down when they come to round them up...


  • stumbledbyothers

    in my congregation they lock the doors and the gate of the main parking lot entry. The second entry (no gate) is blocked by a brother sitting in his car during the meeting. The two attendance rotate during the meeting one inside the other outside. I told the COBE that it is too dangerous (being inner city) to have one brother in the parking lot during mid week meetings (we had a lot of car vandalism over the last few years) he said we need to trust in Jehovah. So I asked to be removed from the attendance list, he said ok.Since I'm no longer attendant, I have no knowledge of any incident since then because we never reported to the congregation to keep the friends aware of whats going on.

    I guess I need to step up my game in reliance on Jehovah- huh?
  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim

    There does seem to be a 'heightened sense' though of who's entering the Borg kingdom halls though, or a$$embly sites.

    I mentioned the other day that there had to be at least 2 attendants watching the doors to the entrance into the arena for the R.C. Then there were 2 more attendants watching the second set of doors.

    There were attendants all over the place in the plazas in and around the facility.

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