Watchtower Study March 2020.....Make peace with your brothers

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  • tiki

    Oh yeah....I recall a lot of undue taking advantage of others....expecting free work because "we're brothers".... My husband was a professional and I can't tell you how many expected him to do their bidding for free....he picked up on that really fast though and when asked would recommend a company for them to call...provided names and numbers of appropriate contractors . the requests died down.....haha

    Then there was one nepotistic dynasty involved in cleaning enterprises mainly....they were all "under the table" crooks....elders too. The IRS caught up with one big time....and he bragged all over the place about how he got his settlement in thousands settled down to about a fifth of actual tax debt...

    And another who bought a car off a fellow elder but never paid him....and got away with it because we can't bring reproach to Jehovah's organization.


    The Watchtower—Study Edition | March 2020


    Love One Another Intensely

    If we have intense “love for the whole association of brothers,” we will avoid being partial (See paragraphs 12-13) *

    This photo in the article pretends to be a dramatization. Believe me,this is your typical scene in every Kingdom Hall. No actors were used in this dramatization!

    The local Kingdom Halls are full of cliques. Elders talking with fellow Elders before, during and after meetings. Elder wives who wait for everyone to approach them and not the other way around. Teens have their own cliques. Married couples have their own cliques. Pioneers are worshipped at the meetings and assemblies. Circuit and District Overseers are treated like movie stars.

    This study article will pass from one ear and out the other. Nothing will ever change! Another useless Watchtower study!

  • FedUpJW

    @ R&R

    So true. My own, now deceased parents were the butt of ever increasing cruel jokes and ridicule in direct proportion to their advancing age and age related infirmities. Their home was only two lots down from the kingdumb hell and just before she died my mother with tears in her eyes said, "We see them drive north to the hall, and we see them drive south from the hall, but they NEVER stop anymore." My dad shortly before he died said, "They have love on their lips, but NONE in their hearts."

    Personally I try not to let my hate for those hypocritical, lying a**holes consume me, but I would not take a piss on them if they were on fire.

  • iwantoutnow

    It is funny.

    I was stabbed in the back by a number of elders (cuz they did not get the privileges I did - didnt matter that they could not put a coherent thought together).

    I used it as a great way to fade - but the elders SHOULD have reacted as if I was STUMBLED, and tried to make amends.

    Well - that didnt happen, THANKFULLY!

    The CULT does not practice what it it preaches.

  • Annon

    Why can it nor be the case that if someone upsets you, just tell them how horrible and unchristian they are, and of course now you have gave them the marvellous opportunity to follow the Watchtowers guidance, show the fruits of the spirit and forgive YOU!

    You would soon find out like a lot of JW rules they usually only work one way.

  • LongHairGal


    I saw jealousy too.

    I also noticed well-off people were viewed by Witnesses as though they ‘owed’ somebody if they should be throwing money around like a ticker tape parade.

    I felt affluent JWs preferred to associate with other affluent JWs because they didn’t want needy people sniffing around them..I think they were compelled to leave and go somewhere they weren’t surrounded by covetous animals!

    I was a single working woman and am now Retired...I wasn’t ‘rich’ but there were jealous, deluded people who acted like I ‘owed’ somebody something!..This was particularly outrageous since I was criticized and soft-shunned for having a full time job!

    NO way would I tolerate what the religion has now become..with ‘needy’ JWs who never wanted to work thinking they are going to target responsible people for money!

    I will NOT tolerate being viewed this way!! I have to say for any active JW lurkers - that this attitude is intolerable...NOBODY wants to be perceived this way and it would feel like being around a bunch of cannibals. TOO bad this is what the JW religion has come to!

  • Finkelstein

    Make peace with your brothers but not any of your family members who left the religion, instead give them this ........

    Image result for the middle finger

  • krismalone

    It's articles like these that create an abusive atmosphere in the JW cult. Instead of telling people to get rid of toxic friends or associates, they tell the cult members to forgive and allow yourself to be abused and humiliated again and again.

    I knew an elder who would borrow money from half the congregation and not pay it back.This same elder would take money upfront for home repairs and not do the work. He knew that no one would make a problem for him as the WT articles constantly talk about respecting elders and forgiving your brothers otherwise God will reject you.

    In the real world you take these lowlife freeloaders to court and you cut them off from your social circle. You can't do that in the JW cult as God will not love you for doing so.

    However, if any publisher would dare talk about the Governing Body or the elders, all hell breaks loose and you are brought to justice faster than a NY second. It seems the Governing Body and elders have different standards of forgiveness. They are not required to forgive and allow themselves to be wronged.

  • JTrottigy

    My, my. So many who perceive that they may have been wronged. Didn't the lord and savior Jesus Christ counsel to remove the rafter from your own eye so you could see how to remove the (tiny) straw from your brothers eye? And what about let the one without sin cast the first stone. I must be in good company here as so many of you are perfect.

  • hoser

    I think the demographics of a congregation are similar to any “worldly” organization. You have:

    1. Takers - those not ashamed to take advantage of other. These are on the top, bottom and middle of the economic pile.

    2. Givers - those with morals that are taken advantage of by number 1. They are easily guilted and shamed.

    The difference with the JWs is if you are being taken advantage of you it is difficult to get justice. You just have to suck it up.

    I did some office cleaning for a super pioneer couple many years ago when they were on a pilgrimage to bethell . I didn’t get paid until I pushed the matter with the elder husband. I got a check that I couldn’t cash because they spelled my name wrong. I asked for another check and finally got one after harassing them for a couple of weeks.

    This couple are now in the circuit work.

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