The words I refuse to use

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  • Phoebe

    I could never get my head around COBE - Coordinator of body of that right? I'm still not sure.

    I got told off because I kept forgetting so would call him the 'CBeebies' (BBC programming for kids!)

  • The Fall Guy
    The Fall Guy

    Other non-Biblical J.W. phrases: Governing body/helpers, monthly report, God's earthly/heavenly organization, circuit overseer, judicial committee, obey "the slave." :)

  • User99

    Some of these terms may find their way into the next Bible! (Yes, the same Bible that is not to have anything added or removed.)

  • Scully

    Whenever I use JW jargon here, I always use a little ™ after the word or phrase to indicate that it is JW jargon.

    Amongst exJWs, the jargon has a definition that is different (even ever so slightly) from normal everyday usage. We all understand it and the subtle nuances.

    Non-JWs might not quite get the gist of the jargon, but the ™ is a little reminder to them that it is jargon and not normal everyday language.

    The only word I never ascribe to JWs any longer is "truth", hence the use of Truth™.

  • Vidiot

    Just one word, same as Scully.

    Capital-T "Truth".



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