Never knew missing meetings was such a big deal

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  • WTWizard

    All this for one missed boasting session? And most of the material is the same rubbish--once you learn it once, you don't need to learn it again. All so you will continue to reap hardship from their hardship workings.

    That would be similar to my attending a language class at the A2 level, long after I have reached B1 or higher. What good does it do to keep learning A2 material instead of going beyond? None, that's what good. Just as staying in A2 in a language is going to stop me from reaching C1, staying in the washtowel boasting sessions is going to stop you from reaching a decent spiritual level. You won't even learn the full bible in context, let alone how worthless it really is.

  • ZindagiNaMilegiDobaara

    "we had one sister (the elder’s wife) who insisted we had a group photo - every week. This was then sent on WhatsApp to the group and god knows who else. It became an informal register of who was present and absent each week."

    Same here too, but guess what...I openly told al that its a personal choice n I do not want to be in pics! People did not like that but I did so nonetheless. Just telling them who's boss of my own life in my way. Therefore there is no pics of me in any cong photos, group gathering photos n ministry photos. Some even tried to sneakily take a pic of me but I was on the ball n avoided it . Till date I have avoided it at all costs, even when elders have approached me about it. I dont know why this is so important to people!

    I have even arranged in advance with people when I had talks on the platform, or demonstrations, interviews, never record me or take pics. So far so good. Now I do not have to worry anymore. I am OUT. High Fives all!

    I did it my way


  • Finkelstein

    The JWS religion is a mess of psychological manipulation, including elements of fear, guilt and pressing obligation, perpetrated by men who have been given the POWER of god , Elders.

    All of this was developed and orchestrated by the top GB men of the Watchtower Publishing house who are on their own propagation of the POWER of god.

    This self orchestrated endeavor of power also includes the procurement of money which they live off from to do many things such as travel around the world self promoting themselves and the organization which they lead.

  • ZindagiNaMilegiDobaara

    WTF ! Always been regular for so many years, the one time I missed the mtg's was when my dad died,complications with the post-mortem, death certificates, wills n what not.I was absent from the meetings for a whole month! Unlike me! But not one person called to ask whats up, where are you...blah,blah. The elder who was first contacted was an ass.In order to be the first in the queue of visitors (must be getting some brownie points for this I think), he conveniently fails to share this news with all other elders and Jdubs.He only informed them after he gave a short visit n that too just an elder.So no one came to know while I was away from the mtg's.

    The time you think you need the most help,concern, support, a shoulder to lean on , I had no one . It hurts even today .So called agape love.They say we should be ready to die for our bro's n sis's....I say let us first just try and live for our bro's n sis's. (if u know what I mean).

    This was like one of the things that made me close my doors one by one to the Truth.


  • blondie

    Zing, I found that elders would invest the time to catch some jw doing something wrong, especially a df'ing offense. The lack of love is what finally made me leave. The elders always have excuses, the most used is that they are too busy.

  • Spiral

    BibleStudent1, run, run far away and don't look back.

    If you're on this site you know already (at some level) that the JWs are a cult. Listen to that voice and get out. If you want to study the bible, you can do it on your own.

    And.... that picture taking at every meeting thing is just creepy. Now that I see it in print I realize that I've seen it in practice and played out on Instagram. Sheesh!

  • Steel

    I was in a foreign country a few months ago with my wife and her uber pioneer friend and she made a huge fuss about missing a meeting. Funny thing she didn't even speak the language. I told her maybe she could just read a few chapters of bible instead that evening because we aren't going back to the city for your stupid meeting. Funny thing is she didn't even have a bible with her.

    It was a real eye opener how pointless meeting attendance was.

  • BourneIdentity

    I just can’t wrap my head around why meeting attendance is stressed so hard. We all know it’s the same stuff you’ve heard decade after decade, you will learn nothing new. It is solely catered to new ones and children. Do you all think the Branch, CO, Governing Body have said if the attendance falls below a threshold for a time or the amount of money coming in is less than a threshold, it’s a given they will shutdown the Kingdom Hall? It seems like that would make sense, it’s a business and business is all about money.

  • Spiral

    @BourneIdentity, it could be that there are "performance quotas" that have been set for congregations, especially in areas with several congregations in close proximity. In rural areas that would be tougher, but I've heard of two small town congregations that were shuttered due to "low attendance" and a shrinking pool of publishers.

    However, I still think the main goal is to keep the R&F so busy they can't think straight and won't question things. Meetings are so boring but they do entrain your brain to their regime. If you miss a few it's as if the fog lifts and you can think for yourself.

  • Finkelstein

    I just can’t wrap my head around why meeting attendance is stressed so hard.

    Because when visiting CO come around they want to look at the congregation's stats such hours in service placements etc.

    A highly attended meetings are deemed the congregation is spiritually strong. and strives to promote that sociological premise.

    All the elders are then perceived to be good (spiritually strong) for the congregation in the guidance and direction. koodos to them..

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