Never knew missing meetings was such a big deal

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  • The Fall Guy
    The Fall Guy


    The deeper you get into any toxic situation, the more traumatic it will be to escape from it.

    Get out ASAP and save yourself a whole lot of grief. Just tell your conductors that you're temporarily stopping the study because you have private & personal issues which you have to deal with, and that you'll call them when you've resolved them. If they try to interrogate you, just say, "As I said, the issues are private & personal, but I will contact you when I'm ready."

    Then do research and ask questions - here and elsewhere.

  • smiddy3

    That is classic Sea Breeze ,you have it in a nutshell.

  • blondie

    Although the WTS does not mandate that attendance be officially taken and written down at every meeting, some jws have appointed themselves to that position.

    I wonder if they submit their attendance logs to god? (smile)

  • GetMeOutofHere

    At our Sunday morning ministry group, we had one sister (the elder’s wife) who insisted we had a group photo - every week. This was then sent on WhatsApp to the group and god knows who else. It became an informal register of who was present and absent each week.

  • Giordano

    Never knew missing meetings was such a big deal!

    Every minor bump in the road is a big deal for a JW.

    Do understand this........ being a JW means you are supporting a death cult. JW's live to die. They willingly give up their ability to reason....they are trained to live in a world that will never exist.

    While Jim Jones and Co caused close to a thousand followers to drink a poisoned fruit drink and die in Jonestown the JW's cause far more to die needlessly with their ban on blood transfusions each and every year since 1945.

    On top of that they are eagerly waiting on Armageddon so that this loving Jehovah god will bring about the death of over 8 billion innocent people. So that the JW's can inherit a Paradise Earth.

    A paradise earth? Find paradise earth mentioned anywhere in the bible. Find where Jesus said the dead will be resurrected so they can live for a thousand years on earth then be temped once again and killed off if found wanting.

    Paradise earth.....bring your Hazmat suit and a rake....... gonna be a lot of them there bones to clean up.

  • tiki

    Good grief.....what business is it of anyone whether or not the next guy goes to a meeting or not. That obnoxious woman should have been told to mind her own business.

  • stillMS
    Biblestudent1 - just run away, quit the study/meetings etc., say farewell to your 'JW friends'! You'll regret later if you don't.

  • dozy

    I used to hate the "third degree" inquisitions on the ( rare ) times that I missed meetings , especially in the last two years or so when I was gradually fading. Nowadays with only 60% or so attendance and missing meetings being endemic ( and always the option to "listen in" ) , I guess it isn't so bad.

    Normally taking a weekend away wouldn't be an issue ( if it is a holiday weekend , half the congregation are probably away for a break ) , but the OT is at a vulnerable time as he/she is just studying.

    Tip: Next time , just pretend you had a stomach upset or similar very short term health issue.

  • TD

    Consciously or unconsciously, they probably realize you are at a vulnerable point right now.

    It doesn't matter what group or cause we're talking about, people have a tendency to lose interest after awhile.

    The trick is to facilitate the transition from sympathy/interest in a cause into true belief/zealotry.

    So yes, even missing one meeting is going to sound alarm bells in their heads. To them it is like suddenly noticing signs of blight on a tender, young seedling.

  • LongHairGal


    In my early years of being in the JW religion after I was baptized, I actually changed halls to get away from my harassing study conductor!

    I got tired of that ‘third degree’ when I missed a meeting. I said to myself: what the hell is this? I worked full time and was tired sometimes. Then I had to listen to shit about ‘how I should quit that job’.. [I am retired and glad I never listened to this garbage!!! Where do these older JWs with a cushy life get their nerve?]

    All this should have been another red flag for me but I figured things would be better in the new hall. They were and I was glad I got away from the mostly born-in robots in the old hall. But, in coming years the Witness religion revealed ALL its true colors and I eventually got out.

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