Are Jehovah's Witnesses a cult just as evil and dangerous as Islam?

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  • scratchme1010

    I know you might think I'm exaggerating but if you really think about it, maybe I'm not.

    Actually, you are exaggerating, especially all that nonsense about Islam.

  • Simon
    at the core both groups worship the same murderous God that destroyed his creatures through Noah's flood

    Even if the deity is the same (I'm not certain it really is thought of as the same god is it?) the manner of the worship is vastly different.

    Christians might believe that their god is one day going to come and do some smiting but the Christian belief is almost always that they shouldn't personally do the killing - even to the point that if they are persecuted, should turn the other cheek, shouldn't retaliate etc...

    The Muslim belief system definitely puts the onus on them to do the killing which is what makes the religion far more dangerous. Not only that, but their day-to-day teachings for their own people are far more damaging to people's basic human rights and cause huge suffering and injustice in the world. Islam "benefits" from the crazies making the rest look less threatening but it's only by comparison and relative to the extremists.

    The claim that not all Muslims kill and wage violent Jihad relies on the fact that plenty don't follow the religion closely and wouldn't be considered "good Muslims" by the standard that the religion sets. But even they take part in the social Jihad against other cultures that they want to conquer so they are still a threat and they pave the way for the following waves of more violent fanatics.

    Christianity is ashamed of the dark periods in it's past, Islam is proud of theirs and points to them as "the good times", that's how different they are.

  • Simon

    Another thing worth pointing out:

    We can all freely criticize the WTS and pretty much all Christian groups including the most powerful, the Catholic Church. Sure, they may protest movies like "Life of Brian" but that is it. Some groups like the Mormons even take out ads in programmes for theatrical productions poking fun at them (thus giving them money!).

    Contrast that with the world of Islam, where people who criticize it are hacked to death in the street and you wouldn't be safe if someone decided that the T-Shirt you were wearing was an image of the prophet Mohammed.

    Anyone who denies this reality can back up their claims with action if they truly believe their own claims: setup a website with some Charlie Hebdo cartoons along with your own photo, name and address.

  • Finkelstein

    The only evil and imposing danger concerning the JWS is to themselves.

  • TheFadingAlbatros

    They are both keeping strict discipline using threatening behaviors originating from the upper part of their own highly dangerous pyramidal organizations.

  • Simon
    They are both keeping strict discipline using threatening behaviors originating from the upper part of their own highly dangerous pyramidal organizations

    As I said early on, they both use some similar tactics for control but that is where the similarity ends. It's like believing that the school bully who wants your ice-cream money is an equal threat as the Mafia who will bury your body in the desert - sure, they both make threats to hurt you but c'mon ... are they the same, really?

    Muslims who leave are threatened with death, actual real death, not the "spiritual" death of the WTS. Given the option of a pretend death and a real one, I know which is better.


    Anyone who denies this reality can back up their claims with action if they truly believe their own claims: setup a website with some Charlie Hebdo cartoons along with your own photo, name and address......Simon

    "I Find You!.....I FIND YOU!!!!!"

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  • Vidiot

    What Simon said.

    Say the words "Jehovah's Witness terrorist" in your head and try not to laugh.

    That being said...

    ...I still maintain that if the WTS were given control of a small country tomorrow, within ten years, it'd be very similar to a radical Islamic state.

  • cookiemaster

    Interesting replies. I think Simon misunderstood the most what I was trying to say but some of the others have as well. English is my second language so perhaps I wasn't clear enough. I was also referring to JWs potential for danger. They currently pose no danger but to themselves and the people they trick into believing their delusions. However, this is only because they've been founded in the secular West and have never had the opportunity to grow beyond the numbers of a small sect.

    My point was to try to imagine if JWs had grown so much that they'd become the dominant religious group in a country and they'd assume theocratic rule over that country. Would you tolerate life in a society in which the congregation elders have life and death authority over you? A country in which the governing body would be the ultimate governmental and legislative institution? I think any society run by JWs would be just as bad as the Saudi Arabia of today. Of course they aren't as bad now because they're not legally allowed to, by virtue of being a minority group in a secular society, but their destructive potential is much higher.

    As for Simon. Your notion that all Muslims are waging Jihad is ridiculous. Most of the world's Muslims are not waging any Jihad. It's not their Jihad that is the worst aspect of their religion but its total control over the life of its subjects and its ideological aspects that inevitably lead to the formation of theocratic societies instead of secular ones. For the rest that said I shouldn't call Islam a cult, I don't agree.

    Most of the world's Muslims live in theocratic societies and in the few lucky Muslim countries where secularism was installed, there are countless pockets of fundamentalists, especially in rural areas, eager to punish those that aren't "real Muslims". There are entire Muslim communities in secular countries, even in the West, where barbaric practices are upheld. The example of Indonesia was given. Here's an interesting article on Indonesia and Muslims:

    I don't think Islam is anything but a cult, in any country. If JWs qualify as a cult, Islam certainly does, in all it's forms. You may choose to leave Islam in the U.K. and still have to fear for your life. Anyway, I see that people think that the thousands of deaths of children and young adults because their parents chose to refuse life saving medical treatment for them is not as bad as terrorism, even though in the West it results in even more tragic deaths that any terrorist attack. Regardless of that, what about the danger potential of JWs. Muslims teach that the penalty for apostasy is death. What would the penalty for apostasy be in a country run entirely by JWs?

  • cookiemaster

    Also, concerning Simon's point about being able to criticize today's Christianity without fear of violence, I would like to remind him that this was not always the case. Christianity was just as barbaric as ISIS in the past and the only reason why we can criticize it today is because people have fought for centuries for reformation and most importantly secularism. We live in secular societies, not Christian societies. It's only this wonderful invention of secularism that allows us to do that, because without doubt, a theocratic Christian society would be a nightmare. That was perhaps also my main point about JWs, so I would like to rephrase. Would JWs be better than Islam is they had their own theocratic society to run, with absolute legal and governmental power?

    Also, you might try the counter argument that Islamists are dangerous to those that criticize them even in Western secular societies, but you have to consider that these people came from theocratic Middle Eastern societies by the millions and were never made to assimilate with the local culture, so they uphold the same behaviors as they had in their previous societies, or create entire secluded communities where they enforce their theocratic rule, like in Britain's Luton.

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