Trump explains this generation

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  • punkofnice

    I don't get it???

  • nowwhat?

    Don't let CNN get a hold of that picture! Next thing you know they will have a. 4 hour special with seven panelists!

  • LV101

    Perhaps the chart indicates the Armageddon cleanup for President Trump's 2-1/2 yrs. after Obama/Clinton and dealing with aftermath of rat-hole cities run by Democrats -- San Francisco, Los Angeles, Baltimore - Detroit to name a few. Clinton/Obama handing over nukes/billions to Iran - Clinton buying off North Korea during his term (just to name a bit). You can't make this up not to mention the campaign/election coup, Russian dossier. Made some serious chunk change with Putin and our country's uranium. Inept leadership at it's finest! The number of Dems fleeing their beloved party is unimaginable -- even some African Americans are waking up.

    We are already a socialist country and only a few points off scale from Sweden/Denmark. US has same score as Netherlands per the Heritage Foundation that tracks socialism.

  • iwantoutnow

    Yea life in the Netherlands and Sweden/Denmark really sucks!
    Low poverty, low crime, Free healthcare, Free education.

    Who the F wants that crap.

  • OnTheWayOut

    It would only be funny if there were some Sharpie alterations.

  • LV101

    We are on par with their socialism - they must follow the laws in their country. We are equal to the Netherlands and a couple of points off from the others. Not Norway -- Norway has oil reserves and huge export business which places them #1 and are a capitalist country.

    Have you not heard of the gazillions of free educations in this country - (ummm, think Obama and his free ride to multi millionaire status - Clinton) county hospitals, welfare, social security - (not exactly social off the backs of the US worker that has been fleeced) but our magnanimous gov't benefits from to blow through.

  • LV101

    I think President Trump has enough to deal with other than Sharpie pen marks on weather charts he receives -- poor Dems are so desperate! It's hilarious. Makes one wonder how many taxes the cry babies actually pay for all the handouts in this country and yet the poor and desperate living on the streets while many illegals are offered the housing. US socialism is on scale with Venezuela and something is radically wrong - ummmm, could it be Dem leadership - just a thought.

    Something needs to be done for sure -- no one denying that fact and the economy and job opportunities don't seem to be the answer for many but without the oil Norway wouldn't look so good no matter what you deny re/socialism when it's capitalism. Too many in the US are lazy and want to receive handouts - free stuff. Not all - many are dying to come here to have an opportunity to work hard and profit - standing in line for the opportunity.

  • sir82

    He's still tweeting about weather maps & Alabama, this morning.

    This marks 5 days in a row.

    He also got a Coast Guard rear admiral to write a letter defending his statements.

    I look forward to his comments about the hurricane & Alabama at his next rally, September 9 in North Carolina.

    I also definitely think he should keep tweeting about it, every day, for the next 14 months.

  • LV101

    All indications of desperation/dictator-ish re/Dem comments and mentioning one state too many is irrelevant. He needs to stay on top of Hurricane Dorian (unlike other negligent political-dynasty presidents or those handed the socialism US system - free educations, careers, political slots) on behalf of the residents and many love his tweets.

    Let's wait and see how many admirals ole Obama calls to defend his corruption - a real issue. Lots of uranium profits might be used. I'm sure he covered his bases.

  • waton

    On my false prophets post for POTUS and the GB body, I received a dislike. thank you, I really truly like, value that. Here is an item from the Globe&Mail newspaper, showing that Trump acted on bad advice That is the vice of the GB too, They should have never accepted the anointing of the generation proposal, ,and the overlapping groups made it the Alabama , way off target. The real victims will be the JWs bearing the full brunt of mistakes like that; devastating.

    U.S. weather agency defends Trump’s Alabama hurricane claim

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