Start of the Great Tribulation will be announced soon

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  • Phizzy

    " The term "The Great Tribulation" comes from Revelation 7:14."

    Well "John" here is using the same expression that we find put in to the mouth of Jesus by the Synoptic Gospel Writers, in Matt. 24 and Mark 13. These being written earlier than Revelation, "John" would be familiar with them.

    More interesting is to read the context of the Synoptic's words around this expression in the Olivet Discourse. Read as an unbiased Academic would, not a Believer. Take those "Believer's Specs" off !

    It is plain to see if you read the "words of Jesus" here, that he is claiming that he would return in the lifetime of his listeners.

    Another failed Biblical Prophecy.

  • Vanderhoven7

    The great tribulation is a misnomer. It is just "great tribulation ".

  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    2025 will be 100 years (two jubilees) from 1925 when "Millions Now Living Will Never Die" created grand expectations among Jah's People. This can easily be excused as a simple arithmetic error, which the faithful will cling to as poverty and old age overtake them. They trusted the announcements of the Everlasting Free Lunch and they are left with sand in their hands.

    2034 as Blondie has mentioned, serves as a handy prophetic backstop, an "Oops! Ignore our flawed arithmetic, here's what we meant to say, you over-zealous brothers ran ahead of the GB's Celestial Chariot; see how foolish you were!"

    Speaking of GBs, we, the diseased brain apostates, have been "Trying To Get A Message To You" to abandon the Abominable


  • Fisherman

    Is the Bible and what it says about the resurrection of the dead, eternal life, the Millennium, the return of Christ all bunk? If not, when does this all happen?

  • TonusOH

    It is plain to see if you read the "words of Jesus" here

    Are you sure? There are few Bible passages that aren't interpreted in many ways, some of them completely at odds with each other. I am certain that there are many verses where the meaning should be plain, yet people still come to different conclusions. I think one major reason for this is that we are heavily influenced by our religious upbringing or guidance, so that we start with a specific set of beliefs that we work to maintain even before we've read a single Bible verse. Before we begin, we are already determined to interpret things a certain way. It derails any real attempt at gaining understanding of what is written.

  • Fisherman
    he is claiming that he would return in the lifetime of his listeners.
    It could be argued that he did small scale, after his resurrection, to Paul, in the book of Revelation. And in the book of Revelation written after 70, he says that he is coming quickly to those Christians destined to die and go to heaven. So they had all that evidence back then of Jesus dealing with them miraculously— but no Millenium. They all died. —But time passes quickly when you are dead. Same with JW today. They don’t need any more evidence and signs. They look for the end game. But some of the Apostles saw the transfiguration back then and were convinced and saw him resurrected etc. However, most died including Peter and Paul before seeing the fulfillment of the Olivette. But they died convinced so do JW today.
  • blondie

    "at the 2021 annual meeting, samuel herd revealed new light and claimed the anointed will all have passed away before armageddon." Wow, the younger GB members, better get their affairs in order, because they will be dying sooner than they think. haha But the WTS does not call it the "rapture" although that is what it is, just semantics. The GB members and other "anointed" jws have to be in heaven for the wedding of Jesus and the Bride. And now the WTS says that will be shortly after the "great tribulation" starts. So since the GT is just around the corner, very, very soon now, in the toenails of the feet of the image, etc. Then they will all be just be new boys and need to go to new boy school. With the "overlapping generations" maybe that can stretch the time out for all of them to be dead, as long as more jws don't start thinking they are anointed now and start partaking. Blondie

  • Fisherman

    Hi Blondie,

    Thanks for bringing that out. Maybe they will use antimatter too after the big A. WT has been wrong time and time again in their commentary explaining the Bible but 7x and the gt is still holding up. Who actually goes to heaven with JC etc, we will see when the time comes. Also, whether wt timing is off and factoring the human element of the religion, JW are convinced it is God’s agency and the prophecies about Paradise earth are true.

  • blondie

    Fisherman, "antimatter" and also that there would limited nuclear war (limited!). Why would the creator of all (?) need to use those things. Supposedly, he used the non-polluting measures, like drowning the Egyptians with water, killed their firstborns without killing anyone else nearby...They are convinced that the WTS teachings are all true.

  • Fisherman

    They are convinced that the WTS teachings are all true.

    Some are convinced of everything but not the thinkers. After so many explanations for generation, there is skepticism about interlapping and limited nuclear disasters too. Unless a horse talked to you, one shouldn’t be guessing and going beyond the things written.

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