Encounter with J.W's at wittnessing kart.

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  • karter

    Me-You allow pedophiles to go D2D and into peoples houses even when they have children.

    J.W-no we don't.

    Me-The one that interfered with a relative of mine does and another i know who raped his sister does in fact he's an Elder.

    J.W-We cant stop them going D2D.

    Me- so now your saying they do go D2D you can't stop them,NO you don't want to!

    J.w-It happens in all religions.

    Me- so that justifies sending pedo's into strangers houses.how would you like it if a pedo came to your place and you didn't know.

    J.W- it happened to my mother and if he came to my place it knock him out.

    Me - but you have no problem with anyone from your church going to peoples houses even if they are a pedo.

    We argued around in circles with him saying the Elders may not know and me saying well i told them and so did the victim and he admitted to it ,Then i told him about the R.c in Australia and he said that could be anyone claiming to be a J.W could be on the stand ( by this time he was getting desperate)the i said like Jeffery Jackson?

    I told them to look it up on you tube.

    I gave then the names and congro's the 2 pedo's are in and said i'd come back next week and see if they had checked it out.The lady's body language said she knew the Elder that raped his sister as they are a well know family they were in the year book a few years ago.

    Stand by for next week.


  • cofty


    Please keep us updated.

    I have had JWs pack up their trolleys and run away 4 times now. Twice in Berwick and twice in Edinburgh

    Yes I'm keeping score ha!

  • joe134cd
    Good on you Karter I'm so pleased you did. I know you have been wanting to do this for a long time. Please keep us informed.
  • pepperheart
    Nice one karter and cofty keep up the good work
  • prologos
    1. karter be prepare for this jw rebuttal: Our instructions are, that a known pedophile has to be accompanied by another (jw) in the ministry.
  • Oubliette

    Translation: We don't do that, but if we did it's because we can't stop them and it happens in all religions anyways.

    Denial, impotence and excuses.

    JWs are just like everyone else after all.

    Let's review: It's a cult!

  • rebelfighter
    We have a very large parking lot that serves a 7-11 gas station, a McDonalds and a Big Lots along with several little stores. There was never a day that the JWS were not there handing out literature until one day in front of 3 homeless people who I had just given $5. I asked the gentleman 3 questions regarding raising children then I asked him if he knew it was wrong to tell a lie. Well he peeled rubber out of that lot and there has been no Witnesses there since.
  • KateWild

    I talk to them on their trolleys too. I had some pack up and leave too in Trafalgar square.

    They just can't reason

    Kate xx

  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath

    question --if you were still an active dub--would you want to "man" the cart ?

    i sure as well wouldnt. it was bad enough door knocking. most were not at homes--or so thick it was easy to talk about anything that came to mind. not so with carting--youre on full public display. i cant think of anything worse.

    i wonder just how many dubs actually like doing it.

  • eyeuse2badub

    My still-in wife and I travel a lot since we've retired. I'm an early riser so I often get out for a walk-about when we visit new or different cities/towns. Took up a new 'hobby'. I've been using my cell phone to video the 'cart tenders' (aka jehober witlesses) so I can share them with my dear wife. So far, I have incriminating videos of them 1) sitting in the shade at least 100 feet from "the cart" which is in the sun (Huntington Beach, CA), 2) drinking hot coffee and chatting on a cold morning (Seattle, WA), 3) stepping away from "the cart" to chat on their cell phone (Palm Springs, CA), 4) texting while standing rigidly by "the cart" (Albuquerque, NM) and, 5) just silently standing there like they are soldiers at attention (San Jose, CA). At least they are all nicely dressed.

    fearlessly witnessing--jesus would be proud!

    just saying!


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