Encounter with J.W's at wittnessing kart.

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  • David Graham
    David Graham

    coftya day ago


    Please keep us updated.

    I have had JWs pack up their trolleys and run away 4 times now. Twice in Berwick and twice in Edinburgh

    Yes I'm keeping score ha

    OMG Berwick? They even penetrate the smallest of towns! Here in Kilmarnock, which is regarded as one of the bigger towns in Scotland, I never see them in town! Although they were on my street recently and I told them to get off the street before I call the police for trying to recruit more for their paedophile rings!

    Scared rabbits in between the beam of headlights come to mind. :)

  • rebelfighter


    This was before the ARC so it was based on the JW family book the "Elder" had given me to read. As a child advocate all my life 1. After school enrichment programs 2. Socializing with classmates during recess 3. Higher education

    And of course I got Yes our children do participate in those things to each of the questions.

    After the ARC, I have not encountered any JWS in our area anywhere. This is sort of surprising as there are 3 KH'S within less then 10 miles of my house (I would say with rather poor attendance at 2, I have not found the 3rd). One of the KH's I know for a fact that the WT could get a bundle for it if they put it on the market because nothing goes on the market in this neighborhood without a bloody bidding war. It took me three attempts to buy a house before not getting out bidded. The last time I checked the accessed value on this single KH which is well hidden off the beaten path with a very small residential house attached to it is valued at $500,000. All of its neighbors are million dollar properties on lakes.

  • Vidiot

    I would not want to be an active JW out trying to preach to people these days.

  • NeonMadman

    "That happens in all religions."

    "So you're admitting that your religion isn't any better than all the others then?"

  • Vidiot

    (following up on Neon's post...)

    "...and if that's the case, where's the incentive to join (or stay)?"

  • karter

    I went on my "Return visit" today but they were "Not at home" ill be back next week.


  • Tornintwo
    Great experience....would love to see it reenacted at the next jw assembly ha ha ha
  • Vidiot

    cofty - "...I have had JWs pack up their trolleys and run away 4 times now. Twice in Berwick and twice in Edinburgh..."

    For some reason, I keep imagining this to the tune of "Yakety Sax". :smirk:

  • karter

    Went back this morning different person there a guy about 35 with young child about 7.

    I gave him the same story about J.W's allowing pedo's to go from D2D he agreed it was wrong but would say anymore kinda went into shut down mode even when i looked at his child and said "How would you like it if a pedo come to your congro and you had him in your house"?he siad he wouldn't like that then i handed him a list of 2 J.W pedo's i knew of and were they lived i asked him to check it out and ill see him next week.

    He knew the child rapist Elder as they are a well know family

    Also on the list was about the R.C and were to find it online.


  • cofty
    Good work!

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