Very scary: Canada's push to censor criticising Islam is dangerous and has scary implications for cults like the JW

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  • Mum

    I agree with what Phizzy said. Of course we need freedom to criticize any philosophy or religion. Committing hate crimes or personally attacking someone because of their beliefs is wrong, and should never be legal.

  • Sorry

    I rarely discuss these things (for obvious reasons). But the rhetoric in Islam is abusive and downright disgusting. I never understood the whole "religion of peace" bs. And yes, I'm fully aware Muslims aren't behind every terrorist attack. Aside from that, here's some other problems with Islam.

    1) Muhammad killed numerous people just for criticizing him. Probably why Muslims can't take criticism so well, they're told to be like Muhammad.

    2) Formally threatens to kill members for trying to leave (and has acted on those threats)

    3) Conditions member to see everyone else as subhuman (extreme us vs. them mentality)

    4) The Quran itself frequently speaks of of Allah's cruelty towards people who aren't Muslim.

    5) Women are seen as inferior, frequently becomes victims of violence (esp. honor killings)

    I don't see how anyone could defend it. Besides, not matter how good or bad something is, it will always be criticized. It would be dumb to police it unless it directly elicits violence.

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