Very scary: Canada's push to censor criticising Islam is dangerous and has scary implications for cults like the JW

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  • kpop

    I am very worried about this latest law that (surprise!) a Muslim immigrant wants to make into law in Canada using all of Canada's powers to stop anything that might be critical of Islam, labeling it as "Islamophobia." Well this should be very frightening to all of us here, especially since we know what happens when you are not allowed to openly criticize a religion, or a thought, or politics! Just imagine if we were not allowed to come here and discuss openly the harm, the dangers, the corruption and the problems of the JW cult and what it has done to us, to our families to our lives! Imagine that! Now that is what they are trying to do with this law in Canada! Scary but it is even worse.

  • Landy

    Can you hear that......?

    That's Simon spontaneously combusting :D

  • kpop

    I'm not sure what you are implying. I believe Simon is very level headed and certainly agrees with this video analysis. Being a Canadian, he must be very worried about this situation and the connection between George Soros ($$$$$$$$$$) and Trudeau.

  • Simon

    I'm not combusting, all that exploding head, triggered screeching is what SJWs do.

    It is a cause for concern. As we've already discussed, the label "islamophobia" is unclear and open for abuse and misinterpretation (which is why they are so determined to use it instead of the clear unambiguous language that's been suggested).

    I saw the woman interviewed on TV and she lies, lies, lies, oh, she lies (using Trump speech to trigger people).

    Trudeau and the liberals will be gone at the next election.

  • Phizzy

    I think that all "Hate Speech" which is likely to encourage violence against any group should be outlawed.

    But the critical examination of ideas and beliefs should be PROTECTED by Laws of free speech.

    Otherwise North America will become like North Korea intellectually.

  • Simon

    The fact is that Jews are victims of the majority of hate crimes in Canada and muslims are way down by comparison (similar to gays).

    But ... muslims account for the majority of those conducting hate crimes ... of course against jews.

    Yet they like to claim they are the most oppressed. Yet the protection they seek wouldn't be for them, but for their long dead pedophile prophet and impotent god.

  • kpop

    All one needs to do is talk to an ex Muslim to get the truth. Just like with the JW cult, if you ask an active brainwashed JW of course you will get the best story, how wonderful it is, that being a JW is the best life ever and that no child abuse takes place inside Jehovah's organization. So too, talk to a current Muslim and you will hear it is a religion of peace and how wonderful it is and that Islam does not want to take over the world. Speak to an ex Muslim they tell you the truth you need to know!

  • freemindfade
    All one needs to do is talk to an ex Muslim to get the truth.

    Ex-Muslims are treated by outragged-SJW-trigger-happy leftists as anti-islamic extremists. "Apostates" by so called secular liberals. f-cking morons. That is like someone trying to shut down sites like this one for being hate speech against JWs.

    This site is a bunch of jehovahphobics!!!!

  • kpop

    Freemindfade exactly 100% that is the point! Could you imagine if we could not openly speak out against the JW cult? Of course the JW cult would love that! Thus the Muslims wants to do this and because they have infiltrated Canadian politics this is what they want to do and why it is very dangerous!

    What is next? Book burning of books they do not like? I hope everyone sees the dangerous of this and why the left has gone off the deep end, not only in America but in all western countries. So far in Korea, we do not have this problem. The Open Border Society of George Soros has not infiltrated Korea or Japan yet because that is not his attack plan. He wants to break the homogeny of the western nations first then the rest of the world will follow easier.

  • Finkelstein

    As it was pointed out by Mona Walter in that interview there are various versions of how the Muslim religion is sermonized and taught, it obviously can be taught with hatred and prejudice against non-Muslims based from the texts within the Quran, not to mention the human rights abuses also drawn out from those scriptural texts.

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