Unbelievable Freddie Franz Admissions

by Vanderhoven7 18 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • dropoffyourkeylee

    I remember hearing him speak. That's definitely him. He spoke without notes, and he had a kind of rambling way of speaking, though it was interesting and easy to listen to.

    There is a little ambiguity on the statements about his <maybe> offer of Rhodes scholarship and to Oxford. It sounds to me like he applied for the scholarship and later withdrew his application. Maybe just that process meant that he was automatically accepted to Oxford (with or without the scholarship), but it isn't really clear to me.

  • Mr.Finkelstein

    Yet it was still highlighted as spiritual encouragement ?

    That's because the return of Christ and his soon to come new world order was still taken as a marketable commodity for a publishing house to propagate.

    This is still used to this day to lure people to the organization where they can be manipulated and exploited for money and labor to the WTS. Corporation.

    Fred Franz was just a crooked religious charlatan just like Russell and Rutherford.

    These men exploited people's emotions and ignorance to build a power structure around themselves and unfortunately it worked.

  • Vanderhoven7

    Here is an interview with his Nephew Raymond Franz


  • waton

    I dont know, the voice , rendition, lacks the shrill clarity with which he came across. but believable.

    anyone remember the talk " The children that god has given me ?. " Haschbash-----"

  • joe134cd

    Freddy was certainly a smart man. I remember seeing an unofficial video recording someone had taken of him just before he died. Mentally he was as sharp as a razor, as he went off quoting bible passages, even though his body had wasted away. I was PIMI at the time and was impressed with his mental alertness.

  • Mr.Finkelstein

    Freddie confesses ..." Well I continued to pull the wool over people's eyes with false doctrines (1975) because the WTS's literature needed to continue its readership base, since I was also the executive director of this publishing organization, we needed doctrines to attract people to the literature as such. "

  • DesirousOfChange

    The final part of the final part of the last day.....

    Why do they call them The Last Days(™)?

    Because they last and they last and they last and . . . . . . .

    Anyone else think Freddie sounds a lot like Ross Perot?

  • Diogenesister

    Vandy can you send me a link to the video you posted? I think it’s been taken down.

    Researchers into Fred Franz early life discovered he didnt even sit the exams for the Rhodes Scholarship (I imagine he would have been competing with many others throughout the whole USA!! So I don’t know what his chances were).

    He completed just two semesters of undergraduate studies. None of which were in Hebrew. Fred Franz was a liar in my opinion. It seems to come with the territory of being a JW leader. I simply don’t believe a person with a truly exceptional intellect would fall for Russell’s gobble-de-gook.

  • waton
    I simply don’t believe a person with a truly exceptional intellect would fall for Russell’s gobble-de-gook. Ds,

    may be he did not, but was convinced of just one aspect and saw a theatre to act in , realizing that the road to Rhodes were too crowded.

    The subject matter seems correct, candid, but the voice not quite right.

    DOC, may be Ross Perrot took up acting? doing voice overs? Fits the part, a modest man, wanted to rule the US of A, but Fredrick co - rule the universe and the beyond.

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