Unbelievable Freddie Franz Admissions

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  • Vanderhoven7

    Unbelievable admissions.

    Freddie confesses he fell for his own propaganda.


  • careful


    Thx for the share. It's all quite believable to me!

  • Slidin Fast
    Slidin Fast

    Smoking gun.

  • dubstepped

    Good grief, listening to that, now being out for a few years, it just blows my mind how people could know all of that yet still believe. I understand the mechanisms, it just sounds so crazy once you're out. I'm not sure I had ever heard him speak before.

    As others said, thanks for the share.

  • slimboyfat

    I didn’t hear any admissions here as such. It was all pretty factual and has been stated elsewhere in Watchtower literature.

    I’ve been reading “Babylon the Great has Fallen!” this afternoon, perhaps FF’s magnum opus, outside the NWT. That book is wild! He was certainly, let’s say, intellectually energetic and imaginative. The sister whose copy I now own wrote in the margin of page 505: “I’m too hot to answer tonight”. I can feel her exhaustion.

    I’m curious about Fred Franz’s assertion here that he was due to go to study at Oxford in 1914, when he gave up his studies, because from my recollection it was proposed that Franz apply for admission to Oxford on a scholarship, not that he had already been accepted.

  • Mr.Finkelstein

    Freddie confesses he fell for his own propaganda.

    To be a bit more precise Freddie confesses he fell for C T Russell's doctrines which were all false but when he took over the reins as being the bible scholar of the WTS, he devised more falsely corrupt doctrines to stir up the circulation of the WTS's literature, like reusing the 6000 years of mankind's existence 3 times in total decades apart.

    umm.. umm.. umm....... that's good righteous bullshit.

  • Earnest

    In Fred Franz's life account in The Watchtower, May 1, 1987, he recounts (p.24,25):

    A high point in my academic life was when Dr Lyon, the [University of Cincinnati's] president, announced to an assembly of students in the auditorium that I had been chosen to go to Ohio State University to take competitive examinations with others to win the prize of the Cecil Rhodes Scholarship, qualifying me for admission to Oxford University in England. One of the contestants outranked me with regard to field athletics, but because of my comparable grades, they wanted to send me, along with him, to Oxford University. I appreciated that I had measured up to the requirements for gaining the scholarship, and, normally, this would have been very gratifying.

    He then writes about his learning of and conviction that the Bible Students had the truth, and his baptism on April 5, 1914. He then writes:

    I have never regretted that, shortly before the announcements by the educational authorities regarding the outcome of the examinations for the Cecil Rhodes Scholarship, I wrote a letter to the authorities and advised them I had lost interest in the Oxford University scholarship and that they should drop me from the list of contestants. This I did even though my professor in Greek at the university, Dr. Joseph Harry, informed me that I had been chosen to receive it....With my father's permission, I had left the University of Cincinnati in May 1914, just a couple of weeks before the end of my third term there as a junior classman. I immediately arranged with the Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society to become a colporteur, or pioneer, as such a full-time minister is called today.

  • Realbavman

    The beginning of the recording describes his problem.

    Freddie based his understanding on what he had learned from "the literature". Not the Bible, the "literature ".

    This was his problem and ours when we put faith in the "literature ".

  • Pete Zahut
    Pete Zahut

    After quitting Oxford, Freddy went on to support himself by doing detergent commercials until his big break as a Prophet and Cult Leader finally came along. He also was the voice of the 1960's cartoon "Underdog"



  • smiddy3

    With all of those admissions of failed "expectations" of prophecy at a convention its mind boggling why any of them stayed in the religion.

    And not once was there ever an apology given for misleading so many over so many decades.

    Yet it was still highlighted as spiritual encouragement ?

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