Kinda Sad Re: Cart "Witnessing"

by Captain Schmideo2 27 Replies latest jw friends

  • Captain Schmideo2
    Captain Schmideo2

    Slightly redacted for privacy of those involved.

    So, this is "Park Witnessing" in Oklahoma.

    The parks in this community are basically walking trails and some tatty playground equipment. Most of the time, sparsely used, and today was a very blustery day.

    Notice the justifying comment- "quite a few" checking out the cart. I am sure they were....

  • cofty

    Could he find somewhere with fewer people?

  • nowwhat?
    Where's the tumbleweeds?!
  • betterdaze
  • 2+2=5

    JWs are loving this new cart witnessing from what I have heard.

    Head down to the waterfront, set up your cart, find a comfy seat and wait for two hours.

    Repeat this at weekly intervals and receive everlasting life and many fruit platters.

  • JWdaughter
    Northern OK? I was there a couple of springs ago for a funeral and thought I would freeze off some parts that my husband rather likes. We had to all snuggle up to the poor widow at the cemetery or she would have been carried off by the wind. I will say as it was totally in the deep dark sticks, there were no JWs invading the cemetary. That was good.
  • brandnew

    OMG !!!! That shit is just toooo damn funny!!!!

    Cart people are looking for the most deserted spots in the world, so they dont have to actually talk to anyone.

    @OUTLAW.....Dude its like you come through on demand!!!!

    That shit is cool.....

    Mad puppy

  • pepperheart
    70 hours a month like this hmm thats a thought lol
  • label licker
    label licker

    What about a musical trolly cart? If this didn't turn out, it's on jwbrothers facebook

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