JEHOVAH - The biggest racist in history!?

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  • eyeuse2badub
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    When I first heard or read somewhere here that Jehovah was a genocidal ,homicidal maniac that relished in the shedding of blood both animal and human ,I was shocked and appalled at such a thought !

    Amen brother! Then after decades of being a jw, I also removed the 'rose colored glasses' and I realized that the bible itself was nothing more than Hebrew Mythology. Written by Jews, for Jews, about Jews.

    just saying!

  • stuckinarut2

    Brilliant replies!

    I also respect the right of others to play devils advocate and refute my rambling thoughts. Thank you drearyweather.

  • EverApostate
    Drearyweather, can we decide upon a single case, instead of the Multiple genocides in the Bible

    Do you think the Stoning of a man to death is Completely justified for working on a Sabbath day ?

  • LoveUniHateExams

    JEHOVAH - The biggest racist in history!? - yeah probably.

    It's a close contest between Jehovah God, Hitler and Jesse Jackson

    I think Big J wins it - Hitler and Jesse Jackson will have to settle for second and third.

  • stuckinarut2

    Jesse Jackson?? Huh? Am I missing something there 'loveunihateexams'.?

  • Wake Me Up Before You Jo-Ho
    Wake Me Up Before You Jo-Ho

    @stuckinarut2 Ja, JJ has slung around some anti-semitic language in his time. Back in the early 80s, he accidentally went on the record saying that Jews are "Hymies" and that New York was "Hymietown" in the Washington Post when thought he was having a private chitchat with the reporter! (Pretty ironic for a black guy to act territorial over a place like NEW YORK! That state has the highest population of black residents out of all the US!)

    And during Nixon's presidency, JJ remarked that he was "sick and tired of hearing about the Holocaust"... That was a bit scandalous for a civil rights activist.

  • LoveUniHateExams

    And Jesse Jackson was caught saying the following about Barack Obama: "I'd like to cut his black nuts out"

    He didn't know his mic was still on.

  • new boy
    new boy

    It seems Russel was quit a raciest also.

    “It too often happens that, while the Negro rapidly masters the rules and regulations of the Christian religion, he still continues to be gross, immoral, and deceitful. They (missionaries) may have succeeded in turning their disciples into professing Catholics, Anglicans, or Baptists; but the impartial observer is surprised to find that adultery, drunkenness, and lying are more apparent among the converts than among their heathen brethren.' And again: 'I regret to say that, with a few - very rare - exceptions, those native African pastors, teachers, and catechists whom I have met have been all, more or less, bad men. They attempted to veil an unbridled immorality with an unblushing hypocrisy and a profane display of mouth-religion which, to an honest mind, seemed even more disgusting than the immorality itself. While it was apparent that not one particle of true religion had made its way into their gross minds, it was also evident that the spirit of sturdy manliness which was present in their savage forefathers found no place in their false, cowardly natures.." Charles Russell ZWT Aug 15, 1901

  • stuckinarut2

    Oh New Boy! Wow...what a quote! Thanks for sharing it.

  • Earnest

    new boy : It seems Russel was quit a raciest also.

    Your quotation is misleading. It is not Russell who said that.

    It is taken from an article entitled THE WORLD'S HOPE NOT IN MISSIONS, BUT IN THE KINGDOM in which Zion's Watchtower refers to the lack of success of missions to India, China and Africa.

    On p.265 of Zion's Watchtower (August 15, 1901) the article states :

    The following discouraging reports of missionary efforts we clip from the Literary Digest:

    It then quotes from the Literary Digest:

    Reynolds' Newspaper (London) has lately been devoting considerable space to this topic [i.e. the impression of Christian missions in foreign lands]. In a recent issue the results of some investigations by a special correspondent employed for this purpose are given. These investigations cover the missionary organizations in London--the great center of Protestant foreign missions--as well as the results obtained by them in the chief countries of the Orient...

    In commenting on the foreign results received for these vast sums [Church Missionary Society: £404,906 / $2,000,000; London Missionary Society: £150,168 / $750,840; Wesleyan Methodists: £133,690 / $668,450; Baptists: £73,716 / $363,580], the special agent of Reynolds' Newspaper gives the following facts, based on his study of the official missionary reports:

    Then follows a quotation in the Literary Digest of what Reynolds' Newspaper wrote about missions in India, Africa and China. On p.266 the quotation continues:

    ...As to Africa one quotation may suffice. Sir H.H. Johnson, our present Special Commissioner for Uganda, and a man of many years' experience in Africa, says in The Nineteenth Century, November, 1887…

    Then follows the quote in your post.

    Not only did you take it out of context but you attribute to Russell what the preceding paragraph makes quite clear is the viewpoint of another man altogether.

    Shame on you.

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