JEHOVAH - The biggest racist in history!?

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  • Finkelstein

    The ancient Hebrews were just into cultural racism as all the other ancient civilizations of their era.

    It was done so by the Hebrews to create an up level stature as a civilization as a nation chosen exclusively by the Grand Creator god of the universe.(YHWH)

    Their mythology was to connect themselves in a relationship to the highest or the Almighty god of the universe.

    This intent also made them distinct and unique among other civilizations.

    JWs today claim that they have been chosen by god Jehovah (1919) because their organization has adhered the closest to Scripture, therefore are in more appeasement to god through their unique doctrinal teachings, well they aren't because in reality they are just false commercialized prophets .

  • Earnest

    Earnest : Shame on you.

    I would like to withdraw this statement in my previous post. I now understand that new boy was unaware that the quotation was not from Russell and so his attribution was a mistake rather than an intention to mislead.

  • cofty

    Earnest - I can't work out if Russell was quoting approvingly of that article or not?

    If he was then the charge of racism doesn't seem unfair does it? Or was Russell implying that the missions of Christendom were failing to make real changes in their African diciples?

  • Earnest

    cofty, the article that was quoted was from The Literary Digest, of July 20, 1901. On pp.78,79 of this issue there is an article A Sweeping Criticism of Foreign Missions which is quoted in Zion's Watchtower almost in its entirety. You can read the article here. You will see on p.79 in the right-hand column is the quote attributed to Russell.

    What Russell was endorsing was the "sweeping criticism of foreign missions" which included their failures in Africa.

  • cofty

    Thank you Earnest. Good catch.

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