Just A Thought Regarding The Bunker Video

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  • sparrowdown

    As has already been said, it's been dubbed a "bunker" but in reality looks more like a furnished basement.

    Dissecting it scene by scene is not a bad idea as when scrutinized it is full of contradictions things that just don't make sense or add up.

    Of course with cults like WT no context is provided so the viewer is left to their own fevered imaginings to consider how the situation outside the basement developed and what the final outcome is for the basement dwellers.

    How long have they been there?

    Why are they being raided ?

    What happens to them? Prison? Execution? Bible burnings?

    WT leaves these videos vague and ambiguous for a reason - to generate fear.

  • Lostandfound

    It is truly amazing that no video of any pre 1975 bunker alert is available. Of course technology now allows dissemination of videos, not then, I was there and got no advice n secret knocks, bunkers etc. These videos will surely trip them up in the future after another set of hinted at happenings don't happen. Mind you the written pre 75 stuff there for all to see and expectation failure did them not much harm.

  • tepidpoultry

    If ever in a Bunkerâ„¢ situation 1. Wear a tie at all times in case you're asked to read something 2. MAKE REGULAR SHAVE TRIPS, NO 5 O'CLOCK SHADOW IS ALLOWED, if you die at Armageddon do NOT come back complaining as you were warned, as well, 3. Above all YOU DO NOT want to lose your shot with the hot chick, make sure you have prepared and underlined the WT "Flirting for Instant Chemistry" brochure (Hot Chick in Bunker Edition)

  • lastmanstanding

    What was interesting to me is how the "great tribulation" wasn't so much tribulation after all.

    The lights are on in the bunker....

    So, with the "it's getting bad out there", as one mindless dub said, apparently, the people who work at the nuclear power plant showed up for work as per usual and made sure the hydro was on for everyone's bunker comfort.

    And the sister's were 'made up' well, so the utility company had a full shift on to ensure that the bunker bathroom was working correctly and the toilet could flush, the brothers could shave and everyone's hair was straight.

    Seems to me that the utilities that everyone takes for granted were fully functioning for Armageddon in style.

    How can it be "getting bad out there" if everyone is showing up for work like usual.

    What exactly was "getting bad out there" ...?

  • James Mixon
    James Mixon

    I don't understand the bunker thing, they are not trusting in Jehovah. I was thinking about the plague on the first born in Egypt and how the Israelites were protected and this, "among the Israelites not a dog will bark at any person or animals", then you will know that the Lord makes a distinction between wordily folks and JW's....If he can stop dogs from barking why would you need a bunker..Exodus 11:7

  • Pete Zahut
    Pete Zahut

    It is truly amazing that no video of any pre 1975 bunker alert is available. Of course technology now allows dissemination of videos, not then, I was there and got no advice n secret knocks, bunkers etc.

    Back in the 70's they used to have demonstrations on the platform on how to get the preaching work done once we were under ban. I remember the sisters pulling out scarves and sunglasses etc brothers wearing different hats and coats and switching them up as they worked the neighborhood. The old ladies in the audience lapped it up...one of them raised her hand and told everyone of a certain dish soap she used that had a plastic container that once empty, was perfect for placing watchtowers and and awakes in so they could be buried in her back yard for use when we were under ban.

    People loved the drama of it....it broke up the monotony of their otherwise humdrum lives. That old sister died about 30 years ago and I wonder if anyone has ever dug up her magazines.

  • tepidpoultry

    Re: lastmanstanding "getting bad out there" Why? In "fulfilment of Bible Prophecy" attack of "God's People" will take place when Babylon the Great is destroyed (Ezekiel) So, is that what is being depicted? If so, what's all the racket out there, jws aren't known for making a fuss when being rounded up? Or, could it be, that THESE GUYS ARE COMPLETELY OUT TO LUNCH?

    Here's a question for another time: If. explained by the GB the Scriptural necessity of drinking the koolaid, how many would do so?


  • jwleaks

    Bunker mentality - an attitude of (excessive) defensiveness resulting from the perception of being under attack. - Oxford Dictionary

    Mentally diseased - an attitude of (well balanced) acceptance resulting from the understanding that Jehovah's Witnesses have developed the perception of being under attack.

  • wifibandit

    When this first leaked, the "Bunker" moniker was selected for click-bait type reasons. Sorry.

    It is not used within the Org. "Basement" is the term I've heard, if any.

  • smiddy

    Jehovahs Witnesses the majority with 6th grade mentality ,naive,gullible ,vulnerable ,and desperate people who will believe whatever the GB tells them.


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