Just A Thought Regarding The Bunker Video

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  • Chook

    Their next video will have some blood above the door.

  • btlc

    Doomsday cult paranoia.
    10:20 - "Where would I be if I did not have faith?" - maybe somewhere on the fresh air?
    11:40 - "And your faith has led you here..." - to the basement trap.
    And the [email protected] faces at the end - priceless...

  • darkspilver

    I mean, a bunker should be a bunker...

    haha, yeah.

    Has the WT, in writing, ever described it as a bunker??

    I don't think so... in fact I'd go so far as to say that you might even be able to identfy a 'ex-jw' by the use of the word 'bunker'?

    The room shown in the videos appears to be no more than an internal storage room, perhaps located to the rear of the (integral?) car garage of a reasonably large (detached?) house.

    In other words, an internal room where you could be, with lights on etc, BUT which you could not be seen from outside the house, even with the house curtains/shutters open etc - ie the house looks empty/unoccupied.

  • Chook

    Their next video will show the brothers at the oceanfront with the sea parting, or a prison with the doors being unlocked by angels.

  • steve2

    Whether above ground or below, the expression of doubt is demonized.

  • jwundubbed
    I personally don't understand why these videos are recognized as the "bunker videos" unless that's how they're referred to in other parts of the world.

    There was a time, before my time, when witnesses were encouraged to build bunkers to outlive Armageddon. I know this, because I know people who built some bunkers. They might have looked more like sheds than bunkers. But remember that JWs are kept in uneducated ignorance and many of them are poor. So, if they don't have a place that can be an actual bunker, then the basement will do. Haven't you ever watched a Hollywood movie where people treated their basements like bunkers? I have seen many, so it isn't a big stretch to call a basement movie a bunker movie. The word 'bunker' infers all the information needed to understand the context of the videos, whereas 'basement' does not.

  • Pete Zahut
    Pete Zahut

    Part 2, the follow up video shows them 10 years later sitting in their local Kingdom Hall hearing yet another talk about the new system being right around the corner. The once dark haired girl has grey in her hair now and is wondering what ever happened to the "tribulation" that was supposed to have come and gone by now and if not having a family of her own was a wise decision.

  • Toshibabadu

    I remember watching this video at the convention and I was really annoyed by the ending, when the storm troopers opened the door...then that was the end....OK....now what?

    They were hiding. Why?. They went through all the trouble of hiding and having secret knocks, being on the look out and being extra careful, yet! they were still found. They never said why they needed to hide. It didnt make sense to me. So exactly when does God protect you?

    I felt like the video was over the top and I felt embarrassed wondering what anyone visiting the convention would think of the wacko video.

  • steve2

    It must be hard to build a bunker when you live on the 17th Floor.

  • stuckinarut2

    The video ended with the riot police standing in front of them.

    The next time we saw them all was in "the new paradise earth", looking exactly the same age as they did in the basement.

    This obviously was meant to imply that they were all resurrected back to life.

    Therefore implying that they all were killed when they were taken captive.

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