Just A Thought Regarding The Bunker Video

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  • pale.emperor

    As ridiculous as the bunker video was, a few things popped into my consciousness as i was riding the train today.

    Firstly, WHY did they go to all the expense and effort to not only create a bunker, but to furnish it like a living room complete with coffee table, armchair, shelves etc? I mean, a bunker should be a bunker... boxes of tinned food, tools, medical supplies, emergency gear etc.

    Second, WHY did they fit it with A NORMAL DOOR?!! A bunker would require a sturdy, heavy, metal door that should be bomb proof. When i worked in immigration i spent a few months working in a top security area where we kept blank passports, citizenship certificates and official stamps. Obviously not just anybody could go in there, you had to have top clearance (like i did). That door was one sturdy, heavy mother. I was told it was bullet proof, bomb proof and would take a tank to knock it in. As you saw from the bunker video, all it took was one 21st century gestapo dude to kick it in.

    Third, the hot girl that broke down in tears because she had doubts (not explicitly mentioned, but implied), doesn't this show how extreme the org is. You have doubts about doctrine so you break down in tears? Why? It's almost as if you'd lose everyone you love unless you do believe it. Keeping your family is a pretty strong incentive to want to believe something no matter how crazy.

    And lastly, those "naughty" brothers that have noticed the bullshit in the Watchtowers new shite light. Can you blame them? No explanation is ever given WHY or HOW the GB got this new information. We're just supposed to accept it. You even see one of the brothers approach the speaker with a bible in hand discussing it with him. A bible. Not a Watchtower. How can reasoning from the bible ever be considered bad form for an organization that claims authority on scripture?

    There are more things, but i wont go into them all right now.

  • Jules Saturn
    Jules Saturn

    I personally don't understand why these videos are recognized as the "bunker videos" unless that's how they're referred to in other parts of the world. Where I'm from they're called the basement videos and to answer the question of why it doesn't look like a bunker is because it isn't. It's a basement. Lately these videos have been in the Christian Life and Ministry meetings and most witnesses at the moment that I've spoken to are raving about those videos and wanting to be in the "basement"

  • Simon

    It could be a location thing - it's rare for UK homes to have basements but in North America it's pretty common and expected.

    Might impact whether people see it as a basement or a bunker.

  • Finkelstein

    In other words the Watchtower Corporation's version of fear mongering

  • jookbeard

    Ah the lovely Elaine!

  • Pete Zahut
    Pete Zahut

    I think the idea of it being an actual "bunker" came from use here, but it was meant to be a basement in someone's house that was used from day to day but was also a place where one would be safer during a storm or some other dangerous situation because there aren't any windows that could be broken or from where the "bad guys" could see lights on, inside. That setting created a sense of urgency and danger and the idea is that there would be a time when refuge from the world would be needed because they'd be on the hunt for JW's.

    The whole video was filled with subliminal suggestions that were intended to play on ones subconscious. You're not supposed to think too much about any of it, you're supposed to feel the message. The things we believe to be so, that are held in place by an emotion such as fear, are very difficult to get rid of, even when we know on a conscious level, they are not real. The folks at the Watchtower know this to be true and see this a spiritual warfare and for our own good, rather than deceptive manipulation.

  • TheFadingAlbatros

    The all latest WT instruction for elders :

    "Dear brothers, once in a bunker do not forget to loosen a knot in your tie."

  • pale.emperor

    Lock me in a bunker with that girl and you'd have the first great tribulation JC. Although I don't think there's 3 elders there.

  • Gorbatchov

    Why hiding in a bunker when the door is open for the police army.


  • Sanchy

    What was the purpose of the secret knock?

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