Anyone drop out of high school or not focus on grades becuase the end was near

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  • Biahi

    I graduated a whole year early, age 16. Got all A’s and B’s and never brought a book home. Consistently made the honor roll. Parents told me not to even THINK about going to college. 3 days after graduation, had a full time job. I refused to pioneer, I hated service for the few hours I put in, not up for daily torture.

  • blondie

    Not me; my decisions were made based on family dynamics that would have been the same regardless.

  • Dagney

    Seriously, all the girls in my hall dropped out to pioneer. I begged my mom to let me, but she in turn begged me to stay in school and get my degree which I did.

    I've reunited with some of these girls a few years ago and we talked about just this very thing. They got to pioneer and go to the beach everyday, and I stayed in school and had to work. It's many years later and everybody is fine. One even had a stint in Bethel, and came back during the Ray Franz thing. She returned to school, went to college, and is now a retired school teacher.

    Nuckin futs I tell you. All that drama for nothing.

    Edited to add: All these girls left the JW loooooong before I did. So pretty smart after all and in the end I was the dummy. sigh

  • titch

    Nope, did not drop out of high school. My parents insisted that I should at least finish high school and get my high school diploma. That was back in 1972. And, for the most part, I DID enjoy high school and did the best that I could.

    But, a lot of my contemporaries at that time dropped out, with the idea of taking some of "correspondence school" to get their diploma. The mindset then was that school, even high school, would somehow "corrupt" a person, and hey, the "end" was so near. They had to spend the time preaching, and not waste time in high school.

    But, you know what? For the most part, they never completed their correspondence school and obtained their diploma.

    I remember going to a small congregation picnic, later that Summer after graduating, with those contemporaries of mine at the picnic. And, they all congratulated me for having graduated from high school. A lot of them admitted to me that they did not "like" school, not because of some corrupting influence, but they just didn't like one particular teacher. That was reason enough to quit school! Ah, well, such is life. Best Regards, all!



    Everyone has had moments in their life where they could have made a different choice and life would have taken a different direction. We all should strive to learn from our past to move forward. Because we all have a past, we all also have a future. Embrace it with better choices than previously made and we'll all be better for it.



  • zeb
    • this denouncing of education by the wt is a major reason i finally left.
    • There was a water-shed moment when the local high school was having graduation and this clashed with mid week meeting and one of the elders was distressed that so many were not present.

    and a quote from another poster

    • The congregation servant used this article to persuade my dad not to attend college back in the summer of 1969, and I know he wasn’t the only one. Looking back, those two paragraphs were filled with false and misleading statements. No wonder the 1969 Awake isn’t included in the Watchtower Library DVD-ROM!

      The passage of time has proven nearly every sentence in that two-paragraph quote wrong. Consider it, sentence by sentence:

      If you are a young person, you also need to face the fact that you will never grow old in this present system of things.

      The 18-year-olds who read this article in 1969 are now 67 years old. They indeed are growing old in this system.

      Why not? Because all the evidence in fulfillment of Bible prophecy indicates that this corrupt system is due to end in a few years.

      Shaky evidence, to say the least. Would you consider 49 years to be “a few”?

      Of the generation that observed the beginning of the “last days” in 1914, Jesus foretold: “This generation will by no means pass away until all these things occur.” – Matt. 24:34.
  • zeb

    re home schooling or leaving school.

    It became apparent that some young ones were doing the bs to their naive parents that school was "so immoral" and quote various other wt propaganda that they had to leave ..........and get a job. The parents didnt realize in their wt wally world that the work place is filled with ordinary people too some of who are grossly immoral the majority are not. The real reason for their kids wanting to leave was to get an income and buy all the bling it would buy. Proven by the fashions that began to turn up to kh and conventions.

  • LongHairGal


    A month ago JEFF T started a thread on this same topic about the 1969 article urging young JWs not to attend college because they would “never grow old in this system of things.”

    Well, we all know how this ended!! Here we are fifty years later! These young JWs DID get old and if they listened to the religion and did not at least get a job and prepare for retirement they are in a bad situation right now...

    In all likelihood, older JWs with cushy lives who patted these young JWs on the back and told them how “spiritual” 🙄 they were for pioneering have passed away - and are not even around to help them!.. This is the shame of it - all the bullshit talk and nobody accountable for the damage done to impressionable people who listened!

    I wasn’t yet a JW in 1969.. I was just starting my full time job which I refused to quit later on to please the Witnesses!

    I’ll get down on my knees thankful that I was a lousy Witness!!

  • Pete Zahut
    Pete Zahut

    I graduated high school in 1975 and I was the only one for several years prior and afterward, form the two congregations that used our Hall, to actually graduate. Even then...I graduated early in January and was in Bethel by April.

    I was on the "honor roll" for 3 years and was given a citation but my parents didn't even attend the assembly where it was given to me. Nothing in this world was important. I often wonder what I could have done if I'd have been encouraged to excel in school and hadn't been told since childhood (and decades afterward) that the world was about to end.

  • ShirleyW

    Pete - I graduated in 1975 too, the year that was supposedly to be our last on earth, and here we all are, as they still preach the end is just around the corner. It just doesn't add up, as my mother always said, "use the brain that Jehovah gave you", appears that none of Jehovah's happy people don't do that or they would see that they've been preaching that the end is almost here just about since the JWs first started, how do folks buy into that stuff without realizing their message hasn't changed for decades and decades?

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