Anyone drop out of high school or not focus on grades becuase the end was near

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  • rockemsockem

    I dropped out with 3 months left to go of the 12th grade. My uncle offed me a job and the end was only a few years away. My mother even though she was dyed in the wool at the time said she would only go along with it if I took a correspondence course out of American Correspondence school out of Chicago. I got my HS Diploma through them and got an associates deg much later in life. I know several who home school and the parents are about as smart as a 5th grader so you know how a lot of that will go.

  • nowwhat?

    Graduated by the skin of my teeth with no direction after h.s. why put forth the effort if Armageddon was months away I reasoned

  • rockemsockem

    same here, I never was told to try. I was also raised in a very abusive home. But I can not put that on the cult. But if my family were part of a normal religion Catholic, or Protestant There most likely would have been more support from the congregation. I want to see these assholes go down in flames. Burn baby burn.

  • Nikki collins
    Nikki collins

    yup dropped out and got my GED to auxiliary pioneer. Got dfd when i was 18 and went to tech school and got reinstated at 20 and never finished my courses so i could focus on my spirituality......FML

  • snugglebunny

    Yes, me. I dropped out of school at age 15. My dad said there was no point on my staying on at school seeing as how armageddon was just around the corner. Bro Darnell from Feltham was a foreman in the welding section of Elliott Business Machines and he'd put my name forward to his bosses as a good honest hard working Christian lad.

    I went along with it quite willingly.

  • JeffT

    I became a witness about the time I was graduating from college. I was accepted at grad school and could have gotten a Master's degree in Education but passed it up because the end was two years away (1975). Nine years later I got smart and went back to school to study business. I was an XJW five years later.

  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath

    i was totally fed up with school--an all boys strict grammar school. i was out by january 1963 at 15 with 6 o levels. Within 6 months i was a pioneer. that was purely through guilt pressure at a district assembly that summer; by the end of the year i was in full time employment.

  • road to nowhere
    road to nowhere

    Didn't drop out but didn't put effort into college bound either. Ended up in a deadbeat job, later managed to find a skill I excelled at and did ok if not super

    I will put some blame on guidance counselors as they think everyone has money and want an office job. I went into trades. I did not have money or way to pioneer even if I wanted to

    It did cost me loss of a possible wife as I couldn't support even myself. I did very well a few years later with a different girl and in retrospect am probably better off with second serious girl friend

  • Finkelstein

    Yes quite common back in the1970's, most of my peers of my age group didn't have much concern for education as a necessity because the end of the system of things was going to come to an end soon.

    Of course we weren't aware that the WTS leaders (God's chosen ones ) devised this to enhance the proliferation of the literature the WTS published.

    Bid shit liars with a righteous grin.

  • neverendingjourney

    Home schooling is still popular. I have a couple nieces being "home schooled" by my idiot siblings.

    My parents only had an elementary school education, so I don't know how much of this to put on the cult and how much I should blame my parents for their own lack of imagination, but I showed a gift for school from a very young age. But to my parents it was just a novelty. They'd laugh at how I would get straight A's and was being pestered by school administrators to submit to specialized testing. It was a curiosity to them, nothing more.

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