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    It really doesn't matter what was ever printed in 1947, nearly 70 years ago....chalk it up to the fact that new light was revealed and excommunication and shunning are Jehovah's blood fractions and organ transplants are okay now as well...ect.

  • talesin

    I know that my grandmother (whose parents were IBS) is rolling over in her grave, re the shunning practice. It's unimaginable to me, that my own father is practicing this, only recently ... does he not remember? How can this be? "HE" was never shunned, in spite of his reckless youth.

    Thank you Zeb. It is some comfort, if it's only that I know that others understand. The Watchtower organization is like all other corps - they lie and decieve - all that matters is the bottom line. We are nothing more than collateral damage. *sighs* : (

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    It should be noted that the "weapon" of RC excommunication was a "nothing-burger" (Kevin O'Leary speak).

    An excommunicated RC was simply deprived of the sacraments. He was not shunned, nor even expelled from the church.

  • zeb

    Thanks to all for your thankyous.

    I saw so many being hurt by this practice and then came across (!) the item (and thanks to jw.facts for putting up the actual) that was so revealing.

    love to all.

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