My old congregation Auckland New Zealand

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  • John Free
    John Free
    I think when 30 years passes by local residents start to understand what its all about and dont show interest no longer

    Hi Alex. This may be one factor with initial interest in the community wearing off. But there are other factors. For example growth in most developed lands has flatlined in the internet era, with the GB losing its grip on information control many drones have educated themselves on matters such as 607/587, WT’s adulterous UN affiliation etc and woken up to ttatt. Meanwhile in poorer, less educated lands washtowel is more successful.

  • pale.emperor

    SBF I think if t they reversed the shunning policy and completely dropped the the blood ban it would give a little increase and they'd be back to the norm in a couple of years

    I dont see that ever happening. The blood policy sets them out as "unique" and the shunning policy keeps them controlled with fear and guilt.

    A cult needs fear and guilt to keep control. Just ask any of the Hateful 8 in In Warwick.

  • DesirousOfChange

    All sing: “Wondrous expansion is NOT taking place.....”

  • slimboyfat

    Silly comm3nt

  • karter

    This is an area were alot of young families live due to it being on the outskirts of the city.

    I think at least 70% of the young ones have bailed.

    Jookbeard.Not only would i never have predicted it ....I would never have predicted the system being here in 2018!!


  • Alex Bogdanov
    Alex Bogdanov

    John Free. I fully agree 👍

  • cofty
    We need to reverse shunning policy to promote revival - SBF


    Why would anybody who knows as much about the WT as you do desire its revival?

  • LV101

    Yeah for New Zealand/Australia -- the colonies (US hardliners) are tad slow in the noggin but, hopefully, progressing along.

  • sparrowdown

    I think this is a common scenario in many halls and WT must know it too and yet they really don't appear that concerned about it to me - not enough to affect meaningful reform anyway.

    I have given some thought for a while now and agree that if they dropped the hardline hobnail booted big brother routine for a softer "don't worry be happy" approach they would experience a renaissance of sorts but I also reckon it would be short lived as people got the taste of freedom they would drift away for good just as they are are now. The big difference being they would be free to come and go as they please without social repercussions - as it should be.

  • steve2

    By JW organization’s own numbers, there were more active JWs in New Zealand in 2011 than five years later (2017).

    Time was in this country when average numbers of publishers would surpass the numbers of peak publishers within two to three years tops - a growth trend the organization never failed to highlight.

    I am not surprised that, with the stopping of Yearbooks this year ( no 2018 Yearbook), has taken the opportunity to now provide only truncated worldwide coverage of JW number-crunching activities.

    Hence, each country’s peak publisher numbers is provided but average publisher numbers are absent.

    Moreover, each country’s peak publisher numbers sits in isolation from previous years - so the only way you learn that the current peak in New Zealand is less than earlier years is by manually checking back through previous hard copies of the organization’s service reports.

    This is not what an organization does when membership is flourishing. It is what an organization does when it needs to stall the release of more obvious signs that growth is not occurring. Put another way, it is a sign that in many countries, especially in the West, JWs are simply not growing and in fact, are losing active publishers.

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