Disaster Demonstration in Kingdom hall

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  • Finkelstein

    I think the real disgusting part of JW theology is protect only their own members ie. brothers and sisters.

    Those outside of the organization /cult mean little since these ones are going to be destroyed soon anyways.

    This also relates to why JWS don't organize any charity work for the needy and disadvantaged in the population.

    JWs are very selfish self centered arrogant and apathetic assholes for most part, there are better Christians out there to be realized.

  • NVR2L8
    Two years ago there was major flooding in Calgary and the main concern for JWs I know was in regards to where or if the convention would be held...some Facebook comments were about our poor brothers...to which I replied what about the rest of the people who are affected...JWs have no clue nor do they care about anyone but themselves.
  • Virgochik

    This might be trivial, but it's a major irritant to me. How does one genuinely train for disaster survival when wearing inappropriate clothing? Best to take off the suit and tie, which could get caught in something, and exchange the silly skirt for something you can move around in, such as jeans.

    I agree with La Capra, and want to add how stupid it is to expect sisters to maintain the wearing of dresses in dire situations such as floods, tornadoes, etc. Argh, they'd probably have to wait for a brother to arrive to give permission while the gale force winds whip those skirts around their heads, lol. The training looks kind of fluffy. It's a great idea, but it doesn't seem as if they're really getting serious about it.

  • Driving Force
    Driving Force

    To prepare for a disaster is not a bad idea. If you do not live in an earthquake zone, or an area that can be flooded, the question you ask yourself is, what is there to prepare for? Well that is what I thought, anyway not too long ago a factory caught fire about 1 mile from where I was living, toxic heavy smoke, that kept low and did not disperse so easily. Well luckily for us the wind blew it in probably the safest direction. Away from the residential area across the Rhine river towards Essen. If the wind was in our direction or no wind at all we would have had to evacuate, and practically with no warning.

    Also a few years ago in this part of Germany there was ice rain which brought down many overhead power lines and many household had to be evacuated, (no electrical power, no heating) due to freezing temperatures.

    But anyway I am still not prepare for a disaster, apart from a copy of my important documents stored in the cloud, and no doubt the NSA, GCHQ and the BDN have copies of them too.

  • ToesUp
    Our family has their to go bags ready. The ironic thing is not one of em has any retirement saved (they have been waiting for the BIG A!) Sad!
  • Finkelstein

    Good point ToesUp and very true.

  • ToesUp
    The funny thing about it is they are soooo proud of their to go bags but constantly complain about being broke. We just laugh at their ignorance. It really is sad when you see it up close and personal.
  • OneFingerSalute

    How does one genuinely train for disaster survival when wearing inappropriate clothing?

    Well the JDubya's always say that full dress clothes are the only appropriate clothing for "true" christians no matter what they are doing. The thing I wonder about is who is going to be carrying those "go bags"? Even government web-sites give good ideas of what to pack, and those suggested items would never fill all the room those silly JDubya's will be hefting around. I'd be damned if I would help them cart all that weight.

  • clarity

    Yes great to be prepared. But their experience is so insular and unreal, To them this would seem perfectly normal. Not a word about neighbors next door or those down the block. No community involvement.

    It is all about us ....that is the message! The rest of the world does not exist. They are all goners anyway.

    The gb is slyly smiling. Goal accomplished.


  • Newly Enlightened
    Newly Enlightened
    I think its good to be prepared and every family should have a plan in case of disaster, but THEY made a mockery of it. Did y'all catch how everyone in the audience was laughing and snickering. They weren't taking it seriously at all.

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