Disaster Demonstration in Kingdom hall

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  • Newly Enlightened
  • Simon

    What the hell?

    Is this meant to reinforce "the end, any day now" thinking?

    Tune in for next weeks program where they show how to mix and hand out cool-aid ...

  • tim3l0rd

    To be fair. They're not advocating preparing for Armageddon with supplies, at least they didn't in my congregation when they had similar announcements and skits. They are actually being practical and helping the JWs prepare for natural disasters. I actually think it's a good thing and wish other groups would advocate the same idea.

    There probably is a bit of selfishness on the borg's part in doing this. If the individual JWs have already set aside disaster supplies, the borg will not have to provide them as much when a natural disaster strikes. Since disaster relief is the only way that the borg is "charitable".

  • Magnum

    Very sparse attendance. Notice at about 3:22. I would hate to have put the effort to prepare that part for such a small group.

    Was that something that was done in all congregations?

  • xjwsrock

    I love how they are taught to only check on congregation members. Insulated much?

    I mean all the other people are going to die at Armageddon anyway, right? So who cares about them...


    The Jehovah's Witnesses can be counted on in every community to step up and offer their services to help.....themselves.

    Thanks Jehovah's Witnesses. You've taught us so much about how to be a true Christian.

  • Simon
    Very sparse attendance

    Yeah, the actors practically outnumber the audience.

    They are actually being practical and helping the JWs prepare for natural disasters. I actually think it's a good thing and wish other groups would advocate the same idea

    You're probably right and that would be something practical and useful to do.

  • Magnum
    disaster relief is the only way that the borg is "charitable".

    THE ORG IS NOT CHARITABLE IN DISASTER RELIEF!!! It is 100% self-serving. That is one of the main things that contributed to my waking up.

    The org makes big money on disaster relief. It sends groups of volunteer laborers to areas to rebuild houses. These laborers are not even fed by the org. After these laborers finish the projects, the org gets the insurance checks.

    It might provide some materials, but if so, it gets them at discount. Also, oftentimes, the labor is the largest cost on a project. So, for any the money org spends on materials, it gets a huge return.

    Disaster relief is big business. I heard a very long program on public radio about it. It was very eye-opening. There is huge competition to claim projects among charities and those looking for profit. Some claim projects by sending reps over to literally stand on the ground of the projects wearing t-shirts with logos representing the entities claiming the projects. One charity bought a new $200,000 excavator because it knew it would make big profits with it.

    There are tricks used to get to the projects first. For example, trucks going down interstates that would normally have to stop at weigh stations slap FEMA banners or stickers on their sides when passing so they won't have to stop. That saves them a few minutes getting to the projects they want to claim.

    Money flows one way in JW land. Does the org pay for and give out supplies that would actually cost it? For example, does it buy and give out medicines, etc. as do some charities? No (at least not that I'm aware of). The org "gives out" the labor provided at the expense of others, and it makes a big profit on such labor.

    It also profits in that it gets the donations of JWs who want such donations to be used for disaster relief, but are not since the org has asked that they not be specifically marked for such.

    JW disaster relief is a huge scam. I smelled a rat a long time ago concerning it. I'm surprised it's not discussed more and was intending on starting a thread on it on this site soon (still might do it).

  • La Capra
    La Capra

    Very obvious sexism too. Very upsetting to see that the "womenfolk" of the second family were completely incompetent without their "headship," only to be saved when a "brother" arrived….

    I still have no idea why the women in that cult consent to be ridiculed openly like that and actively participate in the process.


  • freddo

    Credit where it is due ... that was entertaining and got the point across. Shame the hall was half empty! A few more meetings like that might get the attendance up.

  • Saved_JW
    ROFL. I am 99.9% Certain this is my old Kingdom Hall in Deer Park, WA!! Wow

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