Disaster Demonstration in Kingdom hall

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    There's nothing wrong with preparing for a potential disaster. I just don't care for the underlying fear mongering of JWism.


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    To be fair. They're not advocating preparing for Armageddon with supplies, at least they didn't in my congregation when they had similar announcements and skits. They are actually being practical and helping the JWs prepare for natural disasters. I actually think it's a good thing and wish other groups would advocate the same idea.
    There probably is a bit of selfishness on the borg's part in doing this. If the individual JWs have already set aside disaster supplies, the borg will not have to provide them as much when a natural disaster strikes. Since disaster relief is the only way that the borg is "charitable".

    I cannot agree with this statement purely for the fact that the org is self serving no matter what it may concern. However I do agree with Simon's comment. It is absolutely everything to do with re-instilling fear in the sheeples. There is only a certain amount of time they can use the end is close by using the current teaching so they are going to have to come up with new, more creative ways of using fear to control the rank and file.

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    The "sister" with the foil blanket reminds of a "sister" we had in my old hall...She was a pain in the ass!
  • OneEyedJoe

    While this is ostensibly not about preparing for armageddon, I think most JWs connect this to the fear of armageddon that they have on some level. It serves to reinforce the fear under the guise of offering "practical reminders."

    I believe another motive in pushing these parts is to encourage people to fill out the little "emergency contact" forms that the elders keep on file for everyone. Having never been an elder, I can't say for sure but my suspicion is that these forms are used for situations other than emergencies - i.e. to get people's address/phone number so they can harass them if they stop going to meetings or spy on them if someone makes an accusation that they're having a member of the opposite sex spend the night.

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    I can't watch that shit. It's only a way to reinforce the end of the world scenario. A while back my wife brought home a document containing the contact info of our service group overseer...this guy is absolutely useless and couldn't find his own way out of his pyjamas...who do these JWs elders think they are...? There is plenty of information about crisis preparedness available from civil authorities and real experts.
  • Magnum

    NVR2L8, I was thinking the same thing. I don't need/want JWs to tell me how to carry out my personal affairs. I became a JW because they promised the end of the world was imminent. I didn't want their tips on daily life. I prepared for the big A and it was a no-show.

    I made preparations for emergency disaster and evacuation a long time ago. Who do think they are? When I was in, I had a nitwit elder hounding me for personal contact info, secondary contacts, etc. I refused to give him the info. That guy is a completely disorganized buffoon.

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    The Disaster scenario, scrambling out with a backpack is perhaps an isolating technique, an option exploitable by wt. If you live outside a 500 year flood zone, better to stick around home, with camper truck ready to roll, cook , sleep, eat in the yard, firewood , supplies already at at hand. scenarios differ. imagine if Abraham had stayed put and now would own all that ME oil.
  • Oubliette
    Finally, something that is practical: preparing for disasters that might actually happen.
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    I agree with La Capra. Stop this "Women are such idiots and completely incompetent" bulls*** ! It gets so old......
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    Finally, something that is practical: preparing for disasters that might actually happen.

    That it is it... I am told that they had a similar item & demo on the Service Meeting a while back. Apparently they found it hilarious....It is for natural disasters, not the big A.... but I think some still confuse the two

    They all have their Go Bags ready for flood, tempest or earthquake

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