BOE June 10, 2016 Re: Transfer of Shipping Activities From Britain Branch to Central Europe Branch

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  • JHK

    First activities. Second, sell properties.

    The Governing Body Banks wants all the money...

  • konceptual99

    Just to be clear. My reading of this is that no printing will be done in the UK. It will be done in Germany and sent to the UK for distribution to the local congregations. Have I understood it correctly?

  • Slidin Fast
    Slidin Fast

    K99, that was my immediate interpretation. Why would you print in Britain, ship to Germany, ship back.. It's the beginning of the end for Chelmsford

  • bohm

    Konceptual99: thats exactly my thinking. I am very puzzled.. No print in britain would be huge news no?

  • konceptual99

    Indeed it would be huge news to anyone outside of the propaganda machine. It seems like they are trying to bring a change in through the back door. We've had news recently about how much work is being done at Chelmsford. Then this comes in through a letter to the BoE with no instruction to read to the congregation. Not only that but the letter does not reference any end of printing or anything like that, it simply talks about the fact that now Britain will do distribution. At some point it will all be obvious but since the change has been done with no fanfare it will be a seamless transition without the possible repercussions of a proper announcement.

    Of course, all of this is slightly moot since an easy excuse is the move to more electronic distribution and the sheeples will lap it up anyway. But why make it a talking point at all if you can do it on the sly...

  • bohm
    Konceptual99: i think thats true. Print in britain and ship to germany for distribution. Then gradually reduce volume in britain..
  • lurkernomore

    Can't make this shit up!

    Just 12 months ago I went for a drink with an Elder who was bragging about Chelmsford as half his family were involved on the project in various ways. His parents were sent home shortly after our conversation (clearly health and safety took a back seat) and his brother was only required every other week. I have no idea if he still goes up at all as I haven't spoken with this Elder for some time.

    I just find it hilarious how these projects are hailed as Jehovah speeding up the work, the whole concept is so flawed and ridiculous.

    If any of us are in a position to let this information loose on the r&f, we should definitely do so, as this could create some welcome ripples in the UK.

  • konceptual99

    Hi bohm,

    I see it as the other way. All the literature is printed in Germany then shipped to the UK for distribution through the country. This means no printing in the UK.

  • cantleave

    Wow! That is major news, Britain is being marginalised. Maybe they are concerned about the rumblings at the Charity Commission.

  • hoser

    Just a corporate downsizing they don't want to admit to.

    The new releases at the regional convention are are electronic. They are not even issuing CDs.

    Printed material is a dinosaur. The wt are just late to the party as usual.

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