What is the worst type of work or job you have ever had to do?

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  • Ucantnome

    lol. Breaking bad was a great show. I had to wear all the protective gear hated it.

  • Wake Me Up Before You Jo-Ho
    Wake Me Up Before You Jo-Ho

    @Ucantnome You probably had the highest paying job any pioneer could have dreamed of: meth cook. I see Jehovah blessed you with riches beyond Solomon's wildest dreams.

  • hoser

    The worst job is the one I'm doing right now. I'm CEO of a small company. My job is basically to keep the shareholders and employees from robbing the company blind.

  • Saethydd

    Well I'm a millennial, and it seems like the only job I can manage to get while I'm in school and living over an hour from any big city is a fast food job.

  • scratchme1010

    What is the worst type of work or job you have ever had to do?

    My God, in what category? Out of the top of my head, there was this job that I got doing human services for a shelter for people with HIV from the Department of Corrections. It was used as some sort of halfway house. If you think that the population I was helping was the difficult part, nope.

    The welcoming that the supervisor gave me was "You are taking a job from my people". She was African American, so at first I thought that by "my people" she was referring to other African Americans. Then I found that every African American in the office hated her with passion. As I progressed in the job I realized that by "my people" she may have been referring to her invisible friends. One day she just fired me. The following week she was arrested for public drunkenness, was fired herself, and was also indicted for embezzlement.

    In another job, also in an HIV organization, but this time I was doing Educational Technology, my supervisor went on an "anti-me campaign". She had no clue on how to manage people (actually, what's up with these Harvard graduates? Every Harvard graduate I've worked with has always been clueless and mediocre, knows nothing about nothing). The culture there was very "Real Housewives". She threw tantrums, yelled at people and was very capricious in the way she made decisions. She acted resentful of the fact that I knew how to do my job and I was also able to charm and gain trust from the representatives in the partnership. She wasn't that charming, and she was always gossiping.

    The media person in that place was very sexually inappropriate, and the receptionist (who was also the daughter of the Executive Director) had some kind of mental disability. That wasn't the problem. The problem was that she had very, VERY poor hygiene. Once I went to the office on a Sunday and I could still smell her stink from Friday afternoon when she was last there. That's how bad it was.

    They found a way of getting rid of me. Months later there were very loud almost violent protests for that Harvard bitch to step out. They forced her to resign. They were racist! I was the only person who was any kind of social or racial minority who was in management. Even the board, which should also have consumers, those clients were also white men. She's out too, and the place is now laying low.

    Then back when I was in Engineering there was this Architect who hired me, and later I found out that he wanted to hook me up with his son. That didn't work out.

    Then there was the Supervisor where I worked designing educational technology for adult basic education and ESL, who happened to live a few blocks from me. She wanted to be my boss in the neighborhood. Once, I went to a cafe, and there she was, and she attempted at giving me orders there. Of course, I put her in her place beautifully. She then went in this vendetta against me. When she saw that I was not one to mess with, she started appearing everywhere I was in the neighborhood. Then in New Year's eve, when the new year arrived, my husband and I went out to congratulate the neighbors and be neighborly, and when we opened the door, there she was dancing in front of my house, alone, like a lunatic. At some point I realized that I've never seen her with anyone. She was just some lonely crazy pathetic bitch.

    Then there was this place where I worked teaching computers to juvenile offenders. In several occasions the owner of the company told us on pay day that he had no money to pay us that week.

    Speaking of no money, there was this other computer school where I worked, that was bouncing paychecks. One day I went to work and I saw all my students standing at the entrance. It was padlocked. The school just closed. I had to criminally prosecute the owner to get my owed money.

    In my first job interview, the guy was was in his underwear. I got that job.

    In another interview, the guy was drunk, and he wanted me to drink with me as we talked. I drank only half a glass, and very slowly. I also got that job.

    In another school I taught, they wanted me to conduct two classes at the same time in two different classrooms. I quit that job.

    In another job, working as a technician, the mother of the owner was always there "supervising" us. She had no knowledge of Engineering, she was there protecting her son.

    I have more stories, but you can see that there are quite a few places and people who are very inappropriate in spite of all laws and regulations that are in place.

  • rebelfighter

    Never a JW. I worked full time while attending college full-time. This was in the early 70's when equal rights for women in the workplace was a huge issue. The company I worked for had a lot of federal contracts and they were getting threats that the contracts would be pulled if women did not start filling some of the management positions. Once I graduated I was promoted in less then 30 days to store manager in a field that is still primarily mostly male oriented. My immediate supervisor and his boss were not at all happy and made it their daily goal to make my life as miserable as h....!! The Rebel had just finished 4 business law classes and knew what the law so stated. I was taking none of their BS, one example was my immediate supervisor called and said he understood I was driving the company car to and from work. Yes. That is to stop immediately. My response, as soon as you have a revised contract on my desk with a $5,000 pay increase, it will stop and not till. He said he would call me back. He did and said I could continue driving the car. He continued this harassment for the next 6 months till I had enough, I told him to get on a flight and close this store at 9 PM tonight. My last supervisor for same company called not 30 minutes later asked have you put your resignation in writing yet? No. Then do not, the company wants to pay to move you to a new location, do not tell that jerk about it. I will call you tonight with the details. Also, expect a phone shortly from his boss. He was forced to retire in less then 6 months. I was not the only female store manager he was trying to run out.

    So the next location they sent me to LOL, haha. I already had 4 years working for this boss he was great. BS in accounting, minor in business new location I was business manager for two locations. I arrive at the store. My boss is a district boss who oversees 20 locations. I call him after 2 days and suggest he calls me at home either in the evening or on the weekend. I spent the next 1 year and 6 months documenting one of the largest theft rings the company had on record. Heads rolled up two levels above the store. Store employees were getting death threats, one guy got a fork lift drove through his car. They were filing fraudulent property insurance claims (self insurance). I documented every last thing they did in a secret file so when the auditors arrived it was right there for them in black and white they did not have to search for a single piece of evidence.

    Those were scary times.

  • Crazyguy

    Roof tear offs, that's taking the old roof material off before new could be installed. Most roofers, so I was later told ,would take off the old then get a brake by installing the new. I for two weeks straight did nothing but take off the old. Hard ass very hot very physical work. Would come home so worn out I won't eat or shower just go to bed. I was at the time 18 in very good physical shape and pretty strong from working with my father in his landscaping business since I was a child. That was one hard as job, only lasted two weeks. I was later told roofers didn't do it that way , the boss must of hated me or something.

  • St George of England
    St George of England

    Between jobs I worked for 5 weeks in an electronics company. The job was boring and repetitive, just removing 2 very valuable components from faulty flexible printed circuit boards.

    On the last day my boss told me no one had stuck at the job for so long. I asked him what the components on the pcb's were. He told me they were part of the bomb release circuitry for US bombers!


  • Chook

    I pioneered ,pay was shit , customers were shit , boss was shit , no retirement fund , got the sack when I didn't conform to company policies.

  • Wasanelder Once
    Wasanelder Once

    I tried the whole "clean and scrub store floors all night'' to support pioneering. I knew very soon it was madness. I was eternally tired, miserable, sick from the propane fumes the buffer put off and generally hated life. The Presiding Overseer as he was called then was the boss and he really held it over your head. I learned to hate the slave driver who had the new house, new car, beautiful family that he never studied with even though he took all the family study parts on the meetings and Circuit Assemblies. What a fraud. Karma's a bitch though. His trophy wife dumped his ass, his son married and his wife cheated on him leading to divorce, the other son was in Bethel and was kicked out for fornication which he hid in the home congregation before he even left for Bethel.

    I went to landscaping on my own and slept better and made better money. Best of all I didn't have to deal with that fraud.

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