What is the worst type of work or job you have ever had to do?

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  • MissFit

    I worked at KFC as an assistant manager. When a cook didnt show up i had to step in and cook. We had to prep the raw chicken before marinating it. That consisted of breaking the thigh bones and pulling off the tail. Raw chicken juice spashing everywhere .

    Elbows deep in flour breading the chicken, OIL splashing, pulling up the chicken basket from the deep fryer was hard because i was short. The basket would swing and catch me on the inside of my arms when i would try to attach it to the hook so it could drain.

    And the clean up-

  • under the radar
    under the radar

    Wow! Most of you guys had it far worse than I ever did. My hat's off to you for hanging in there as long as you did.

    The worst job I ever had was during the last six months of high school. I was in the "work release" program (actually it was called something like Vocational Office Training, VOT for short), where you went to school for half a day and worked an approved outside job for half day for whatever pay they offered, and you still got school credits towards graduation. Anyway, I went to work for a finance company, a small shop downtown owned by a rich old man who owned a lot of property around town, including the land where the city built their shiny new convention center. I was only 17 and too young to write loans or sign anything official, so he made me call the past due accounts, even those only one day late.

    Man, I hated that! I don't like bugging people when they owe ME money, but I sure hated calling people who were one day late on a payment due a finance company. I quit that job the week I graduated. Good riddance!

  • Steel

    Roughneck on an oil service rig. Pay was great but it was dirty and dangerous and a mean crew of workers.

    I was 100 feet in the air and I smelled pot smoke one day. I quit on the spot.

  • compound complex
    compound complex

    Shrink Wrap Department, Brooklyn Bethel.

    When I gave my month's notice, I was demoted to the bowels of a factory building. I was depressed because I didn't really want to leave, but my work as a proofreader at Bethel and foreign language "missionary" in the congregation put me over the brink. So, sadness and a BORING job was the worst scenario I recall at the moment.

    I should have been a house cleaner along with the Bethel sisters. I began cleaning as a wee tot, of my own volition, and started my own cleaning business after NY. Cleaning -- you're born loving it, or . . .

    Oh, yeah -- there's more. I remember a disorganized and messy family asking for help moving. They had to be out by the end of the weekend. A crew of us arrived early Saturday morning and the family had packed nothing. Closets, cabinets, rooms were overflowing with junk and clothes and all the usual household stuff.

    What a nightmare. But jobs, like nightmares, eventually end.

    Or, do they?!?!?!?

  • baker

    I worked for the circus back in the 70,s just staying alive till 75, haha. I had to shovel elephant turds from the 3 ring circus and rush in and pick them up with a shovel, they were quite hard. On the same show I was to bring one camel and other guys had 4 more. My camel was way towering over me and as we waited for our turn to bring the camel to the ring, my camel started BRRRrring and dribbling from his lips looking at the camel in front of him. After a couple minutes, he was getting so restless that he jumped on the camel in front and a melee started. All the camels trotted wildly into the circus and trying to jump each other. I let mine go and just chased them around. The croud was laughing and enjoying the wild camel hump show. The y all ran out and escaped the perimeter and ran away. Police had to be called to locate them, needless to say were were all fired for not hanging on. This was in Central Texas town that most people have heard of, college town.

  • MissFit

    Baker: Lol: thanks that made my day. Talk about humpday!

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