Super JW Cart

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  • Vidiot
    Record it on video, and run it at 2x speed with "Yakety Sax" as the soundtrack... :smirk:
  • pepperheart
    If we takeall their teaching books then they wont be able to give any away and they will have to find some old books to give away,well in the citys i go to they have been doing that for the last 10 months and when i say old i mean from 2012 2010 and 2006 what will happen when they dont have any more old books i dont know they can but a request in to the branch office but wether they get any is a different matter and even if they do provide new books to them that is costing the borg money at a time when they cant afford it
  • Sabin

    I think your all being incredibly mean running away with their cart`s, spilling things on the literature, taking the books & placing them in bin`s. We should think of something that is more christian, like PETROL & a MATCH.

  • Driving Force
    Driving Force
    Go up to cart, have a nice chat with the brothers, then offer to buy them a coffee. Go get the coffee and put in some very strong laxative. Then wait and watch them run with the cart.
  • Caedes

    I'll start getting the bail money together!

  • Dunedain

    Lol, what if we ALL, make a concerted effort to, whenever we see a cart to -

    (a) Stumble into it, completely wrecking it, knocking everything to the floor, then get up, brush ourselves off, and say " I AM GOING TO SUE YOUR ASSES, HOW DARE YOU PUT THIS IN MY WAY".


    (b) Walk by the cart, "tripping" on the carts corner, falling flat on your face, and screaming "I AM GOING TO SUE YOU, THIS CONTRAPTION HERE, HAS TRIPPED ME".


    (c) Whenever the cart has a magazine, with a "SCARY" armageddon, destruction type picture on its cover, you run over to the Witnesses, manning the carts and scream, " I AM GOING TO SUE YOU, YOUR PICTURE OVER HERE, HAS GIVEN MY CHILD NIGHTMARES, AND HE/SHE CAN NO LONGER SLEEP AT NIGHT ", then point to any child walking by in the area, like thats the poor child in question, or bringing your own child works better.

    *Please Note*- There can be all different variations of the above. Such as falling into the carts with hot coffee, to "spill" all over the literature. You can wear pre ripped clothing and walki into the cart, claiming the cart "ripped " your clothing, again, sueing is the only option. Fake blood, and severed body parts, can help for desired "effect", too. If the cart is in a less crowded area, perhaps driving your car, directly into the cart, would be your best option. Again, falling out of the car and screaming, that you will sue, is the only option. Using a car you planned on "junking" anyway, IS preferable, please do not use the wifes, family car, for this, (they dont like that).

  • pepperheart
    Had a look on a pro jw website and they had 3 pictures of jw trolleys around the world and ALL 3 trolleys had old teaching books and magazines on.If there is a 1000 people on this website and they take 5 books a week that would be 5000 books a week gone forever.If you saw a bottle of poison on the kerbside would you leave it there or would you if it was possible try to dispose of it .On another thread a person has said that pioneers in brazil will no longer be able to say at bethel for a 3 day break but they can stay at a bethel hotel where they will have to pay,yet another cut back.What will it do for the borg funds if they have to start printing 1000s of extra books.Both in america and the uk they have sent letters telling the foot soldiers to be careful with the books and mags.Im never rude or inpolite when i take any of the books and like to have a little chat with the people and im still destroying the borg kingdom day by day -)

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