September 1, 2017 BOE Re: Protecting Minors From Abuse?

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  • darkspilver

    berrygerry - the discussion is regarding the situation when someone is over the age of consent, but under the age of majority (ie, they are still a minor, as per the title of this thread).

    you also need to divide the secular from the 'spiritual' - there are other situations of child sexual abuse where the secular court finds the alleged perpetrator 'not guilty', but the 'spiritual' congregation finds them 'guilty' and disfellowships them.

  • minimus

    I still can't understand why certain elders who clearly know better STAY in the Watchtower Org. They are kidding themselves if they say they can do more good being in the hierarchy.

    Elders and people in position should get out of the religion. It may take time but it is so hypocritical to remain in privileged positions and comment about how the Organization is doing better. How can you do that in good conscience?

  • Vidiot
    sir82 - "...A step, however tiny, in the right direction, at least."


    As far as I'm concerned, this is just the Legal System sternly staring the Org down...

    ...and the Org blinking.

    Nevertheless, I still think that they'll (unofficially) "discourage" reporting, by suggesting to parents and victims that if they do, they're selling out "God's Org" to "Satan's World".

    From their POV, they can't afford not to...

    ...the more allegations are reported to the secular authorities, the fewer "qualified (and willing) brothers" will be available to administer the Org's needs at the congregation level.

    And the Org can't keep functioning like that.

  • minimus

    Every one knows that "voting " is a personal matter too, right?? What they say in writing and what they tell you in person can be to very different things.

  • Sugar Shane
    Sugar Shane

    I noticed the English language letter originated from the Australian branch. Was the same letter sent within the US?? With the same date? Just curious.

  • Jesuit Scholar
    Jesuit Scholar

    Are these letters available somewhere? In light of the WT appeal to the US Supreme Court for Certiori filed this month, I’m trying to compile all letters re: child abuse of minors, ‘handling wrongdoing,’ or the files with all branch or HQ letters to BOE, those in special service, and COs.

    English preferred, and Spanish wherever also available would be ideal.

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