Another mass shooting, three or four hours ago.

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  • adjusted knowledge
    adjusted knowledge

    Make people require insurance so careless and bad actors are priced out of the system.

    eh, Liability insurance is extremely cheap with the exception of perhaps medical malpractice. But whatever I have no problem with it.

    If your gun was not secured and used in a crime, people can sue you the careless owner, not the manufacturer. You need insurance if you are going to have a gun and not protect it

    This already exist in America. In fact you can be charged criminally and civilly. Maybe you mean a national mandate? Because there are jurisdiction that require a gun reported if it is stolen/lost. This is America besides being good at killing each other we also excel at suing. So a moot point with the exception of insurance requirement.

    We can limit the number of headache tablets that people can buy and it reduces suicides. Why can't we limit guns and bullets too? No regulation on Tylenol where I live. Anyway, easy answer... Impossible to regulate bullets... You do know many gun enthusiast in America make their own bullets. I use to reload, not very difficult. I'm not against most regulations as I know they are useless. Only answer is the complete abolition of guns and bullets and not gonna happen in America.

    Guns are a huge part of our culture that transcends both political parties, races, economic status, and other subgroups in this country.

  • smiddy

    I watched an old movie yesterday ( nothing better to do ) Randolph Scot playing Bat Masterson as a new marshal in a western town called Liberty.

    One of his first rules for the town was that everybody had to hand in their firearms while in the town and they could get them back when they left the town.

    Sounds like a good principle to me , however it needs modifying for the present day.

    Every man woman and child needs to hand in their firearms while residing in the USA , and when and if they leave the USA they can get there firearms back .

    My 2 cents worth from down under , where we , as yet do not have your problem of so many mass shootings.


  • cappytan

    Muslims shoot people in Paris: Islam's fault!

    Muslims shoot people in California: Guns fault!

  • freemindfade

    *disclaimer* I am not supporting and gun lobby I am OK with stricter laws.

    Note the handguns belonged to the husband and wife not the assault rifles. Just keep that in mind in the comments. That means two guns were legal and two were not in a sense. Not for them to be in possession of anyway.

  • Simon
    Muslims shoot people in Paris: Islam's fault!
    Muslims shoot people in California: Guns fault!

    It depends on whether it's "shoot people because of being Muslim" or "shoot people and happen to be Muslim".

    No different to the race tensions - "shot someone who happened to be black" vs "shot someone because they are black". Very different things. Some people always want to see one in every case which leads to more issues.

    But really what does it matter? Don't you want "less guns" in either case?

  • Simon
    You want America to repeal the 2nd Amendment? It is a very high bar and extremely unlikely.

    Repeal makes it sound like it should be deleted. No, it should be applied. Right now it isn't - the law doesn't represent what the amendment actually says because it's been distorted as to it's intent. Where is the well regulated militia and are they required?

    My question is how exactly do you propose the government will handle rounding up over 400 million guns from a citizenry that will not be compliant?

    Change takes time. If you cut off the supply then things will start to improve. The argument that there isn't a magical switch that somehow fixes everything instantly isn't a valid argument for doing nothing IMO.

    You sound like a JW. Everything is getting worst, Armageddon is coming. America has always been shit so not sure what you're talking about.

    I am talking about shootings. In many other areas it's not getting worse but when it comes to personal safety and the right for people to live there is a huge problem and the policies aren't working.

    We just like spreading our shit around the world, eventually you will get use to the taste as you have no choice in the matter. Only difference is if Trump is President he will charge you for the shit.

    Does the world copy America anymore or is it becoming an exception and a laggard in many areas? Many people's view of half of America is that it's the Christian Taliban - stupid and dangerous. People shake their heads and ask "what is wrong with them?". We know not all Americans are like that but do you really want that to be the view people have?

    Trump is an absolute fascist. The stuff he has pulled already is very disturbing. Some of the crazy shit doesn't make the news anymore but it's scary. He things we should execute families of terrorists. Really? The US government will drag children from their homes and send them back to Mexico and others they'll shoot.

    The only thing I can guarantee is that all the 2nd amendment gun nuts that pretend they need their guns to stand up to the government will be nowhere to be seen - correction, they'll likely be the ones in the brown shirts.

    Hillary will probably be our next president and nothing will change. You don't actually believe the Dems and Rep are different?

    I think if it's the typical election result that's mostly balanced with everything divided up between the two main parties then nothing will change much. But Trump is actually a great hope for change. He can destroy the republican party electorally and a crushing defeat and corresponding democratic majority will maybe allow big ticket changes to be pushed through.

    The majority of people want more gun control. There is something wrong with a democracy where the will of the majority can't prevail under normal circumstances and a small minority get their way at the expense of so many.

    Isn't that the epitome of "Anti-American"?

  • silentbuddha

    As sad as this event is and many think america is somehow getting worse, this current crop of violence is just that - "the current crop of violence.

    America was founded on Genocide and Murder:

    Genocide of Indians from ? - present

    Slavery and abuse of everyone who was not of a particular "type" ? - present

    The reason that this seems so catastrophic is because this terror is now touching a segment of the population that was sheltered or protected from it.

  • LoveUniHateExams

    America was founded on Genocide and Murder - this may very well be true but that's obviously no excuse to tolerate genocide and murder in America today.

    Slavery, plus genocide of Native Americans occurring at present? Really?

  • WTWizard

    One solution: Arming the population. All it takes is one person with a gun, and when the mass shooter starts, that scumbag gets shot back and taken out. You lose maybe one innocent life, then that of the shooter. This would also make people think twice before pulling crap like this.

    It would also send a message that their gun control agenda is not going to work. Anything could be used as a weapon--they are trying to get guns banned, so guns it shall be. If they start getting shot back instead of being able to shoot 15 or 20 unarmed people, maybe they would realize that it is going to make gun control even harder to impose--hopefully, stopping the organizations starting this.

    And, if Islam is responsible, that is one more reason it should be banned. Whether it is a "mainstream" denomination or not, this is what happens when you get these Abrahamic religions with their insistence that everyone practice their version. These stupid religions based on the Torah, LIE-ble, and Quran are repressive (meaning they need unarmed people to force into submission, hence gun control and thus the mass shootings to that end). They also hold back civilization, create the sort of stupidity that would have followers believing the earth is shaped like a phonograph record, and is used by many a tyrant to control others. And, as such, these religions (even the ones not directly responsible for shootings) have to go.

  • Billyblobber

    There is no statistical proof that shows that armed people stop mass shootings any more than the counter, that they only add to the confusion and end up shooting innocents/getting themselves shot. Everyone wants to fantasize about being the hero of Die Hard, but in actuality, most gun owners haven't taken an ounce of target recognition training (which military and police have to do a TON of and still fail at), and would just be likely to get themselves and more people around them killed, making it more dangerous for everyone.

    If it was even as hard to maintain a "gun license" as it was a car license, that would be a step ahead. Unfortunately, the political right has successfully convinced a ton of under-educated people that there is a false dichotomy of guns/they're taking all our guns so that any talks of ANY type of regulation becomes the "they're taking all our guns" side of the dichotomy to them, making it impossible to move forward on this issue.

    Also, note how oddly silent the people who are trying to focus this on Muslim heritage were days ago when a white Christian shot up a Planned Parenthood partially because of falling for the misinformation circling around what those places actually do.

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