Wachtower study february 20 - the stress factor

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  • Gorbatchov

    Attending for family reasons, and listen in "oversee" modus to the many comments during the watchtower study.

    In my opinion it was a self help article on the subject stress amongst the flock.

    Leave it all to Jehovah and help your self with the bullet points.

    What I noticed from the comments is the lot of stress mentioned. Comments after comment they told how they handle their problems. It is a real toppic amongst them. Health, finance, pressure etc.

    Watching them I noticed that most are emotional unbalanced. No real education, not thinking for them selves. Maybe with a worldly eye they could be called losers. They can't help it and maybe it is good they found a structure and a place.

    Conclusion of my sunday morning was a hugh amount of stress amongst local witnesses.


  • jwleaks

    The last thing a shepherd wants is for the sheep to be stressed and anxious ... just before he kills them, fleeces them, and then slow cooks their body parts over an open fire. Makes the meat tough.

  • LV101

    It stresses me thinking what cults and religions do to people. I get it -- all the freedom of religion and the tax free/evil but something is radically wrong when society is clueless what goes on. When they finally implode from all the stress, anger/etc., society/worldlies pay for it all. People need education to protect themselves and provide for life.

  • stuckinarut2

    It is a classic case of the cognitive dissonance playing its part on their mental health.

    Also, when part of an organization that constantly feeds them with information about "how CLOSE mass destruction is" and how "BAD these LAST days are"...it starts to take its toll!

    Witnesses need to be told: Life is NOT all bad! It is what we make of it!

  • zeb

    S2. I sadly have to agree. The more uber my wife becomes the unhappier she is.

  • tor1500


    I wasn't at the meeting nor did I tie in...but I read the article...the problem with witnesses...they don't have the faith they preach about...They give it all away at the doors, and tell other folks to have it....They don't trust Jehovah as much as they say in their comments...

    They like the word anxiety...but they don't even know what that means...in the sense of a religious meaning to Anxiety, is at the root one really doesn't trust God...& when that isn't your foundation, you are one of those witnesses are mentally and physically suppressed because of hearing and seeing things in the org. that they can't question sooner or later that takes it's toll...just like someone else mentioned, they are gloom and doom...

    When they are in the hall oh, what comments...I trust in Jehovah because blah blah blah blah...all lip service, walk outside the KH and be afraid to walk the street because of the bad bad worldly people..you just said how much you love Jehovah, now you scared of the very neighborhood you live in...come on...

    Not saying if you believe in God that you at times won't have any trust issues with God...It's hard to do, because we all want to fix things right away...if God don't do it for us in our time, we push him aside and try to do it ourselves...

    Someone on this site described the org. this way...or should I say one of the aspects of the JW's. "It's ok to have questions you can't answer but it's not ok to have answers you can't question" That kind of put how it is in the organization...there is an elephant in the room...I'm now talking to some of the friends...and they know..ttatt....but still stay...Most of them are saying...if the brother says it and it's not in the bible it's most likely his personal opinion...

    All of what witnesses suffer from is suppression, even married folks can't watch porno...I told one of the friends, they are not all bad, Some can teach and help keep the marriage spicey....she wasn't going for it...ahhh...too bad..Single folks can't masturbate...can't do nutt'in...but eat...that's all witnesses do is eat....They are imitating the scripture that says in the last days folks will be gluttons...We do anything for a free meal...and bring our own doggy bag....

    Most not all witnesses are societies misfits, and that's why they are all in one place...birds of a feather flock together...

    I'm trying to figure out how to leave .....love the friends...but, the org, is tossing us around like waves of the sea, new light is now the truth, how can it be the truth if it is constantly changing ?

    Am I the only one that see's that? The Truth never changes but people do.


  • pbrow

    It seems to me they have all the anxiety as any other group of people. The major problem for them though is they are taught to only rely on other people to solve their problems. If a kid wants to play sports they bring in the elders to "reason" with the kid. If a brother needs to work overtime he will go to the publications to see if this really is the "wisest" course of action. If a family member needs blood to live they dont contact a dr for a second opinion, they contact the "no blood" committee!

    Left and right, they are looking for someone else to solve all their problems. They have the view that the "The problem is out there" never realizing they have the power to solve most of the problems in their own life. They simply do not want the burden of making their own choices.


  • Gorbatchov

    I think their problem is also that they have an opinion about everything. Also about their fellow JW's.

    And combine their personal daily life issues with persecusion.

    Job lost? It's Satan that takes his change.

    Education offer? Take care we are no part of this world.

    So the internal perception and opinion is the reason, it creates problems, keep the JW low profile and let rhem strugle for life.


  • darkspilver
  • Phoebe

    I went to the meeting and listened intently to the WT on anxiety. I was hospitalized last year because of anxiety. I'm in counseling because of it. I know how out of control anxiety can lead to serious health problems. But I felt the person who had written that WT article didn't understand what anxiety was. I was annoyed that the whole answer to 'anxiety' was pray about it, go to the meetings, go in service. Hardly a mention of seeking medical help. The answers given in my congregation were often flippant 'Oh I was really anxious this morning because I couldn't find my meeting shoes' - seriously. Is this your idea of anxiety?? It was treated so casually, people laughing over some comments, I felt for anyone in that hall that was seriously dealing with anxiety issues. Thank goodness, I'm now fully aware and awake to it all and can see it for what it is.

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