Wachtower study february 20 - the stress factor

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  • tor1500

    Hi darksilver,

    Video doesn't show...booo whooo...

    Thanks anyway,


  • darkspilver

    tor1500: Video doesn't show...booo whooo...

    you just need to click through to youtube to watch it

  • compound complex
    compound complex

    Regarding the "doom and gloom" that frequently prefaced the Sunday public talk:

    When the talk was reduced from 45 to 30 minutes, the directive to the speaker was to concentrate on the positive message from the Scriptures. The brothers, as I recall, were told specifically not to focus on the negative (which has always been threaded throughout any Bible-based presentation).

    I hadn't thought about this official change again, since posting here.

    Has anything REALLY changed?

  • baker

    Lets see...he says 8,300,000 witnesses and 120,000 congregations = 69.1 per congregation . They need to consolidate 60,000 congregations to bring the average to 138/congregation. Can only hope.

  • Spoletta

    The most anxiety free families in my congregation are those with money, family business dynasties, and large support groups of JW relatives. The rest of us are waiting on Jehovah.

  • WTWizard

    Trust in joke-hova, and you will be made miserable. How many jokehovian witlesses are living a reasonably comfortable life? And, if they are, they are constantly hounded to "move down". You own a house? Move into a studio. You have a decent job? Guess what--you have to quit for some lame reason, even if you are still making all the boasting sessions and doing field circus. If you have a job that gives a good income while allowing attendance at all boasting sessions and doing the requisite field circus (I believe pious-sneers only need 70 a month), they will find some lame excuse to make you quit. Or, they will use black magic in the form of prayer to cause you to lose your job.

    And, what are they waiting on? Joke-hova purposes to enslave the whole planet, and then the whole universe. Life in the Dark Ages? Throw in microchips, and there is no hope for another Renaissance. Everyone living past 60, or living past 30 without taking 5 or 6 different medications per day plus suffering regular medical issues, is a liability. No fun of any kind. You do not know where you came from or where you are going. No culture of any kind. No private property ownership--and yes, this comes from the LIE-ble itself. Every thought is monitored, and anything not politically correct results in, not just instant bans from whatever forum you posted it on, but getting thrown in the gulags. If people keep working for joke-hova, that is what they are really waiting on. That is the "new order" that joke-hova is really going to deliver.

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