Who is Gog/Magog?

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  • tepidpoultry

    Ok I'm going to break with tradition THIS ONE TIME

    and pause my trademark snark

    Long story short

    Satan the Devil

    Ref Ezekiel Book "The Nations Shall Know Blah Blah"

    (Theyve probably burned them all as per incriminating stupid information

    contained therein)


  • Dunedain

    This whole Gog of Magog thing, I am not sure whats going on there. But, that whole Bilbo Baggins, quest for dragons, and rings, that Cofty touched on, now that's something I can follow, and get behind. That shit seems MUCH more realistic, and I think we have MORE of a chance that THAT was our actual history, than Gog, and his buddy Magog.

    Just saying.

  • tepidpoultry

    I would tell you all about "attack of gog of magog" but now that would

    just be too painful


  • tepidpoultry

    My spell checker keeps telling me that what you REALLY

    want to know about is

    Goggles of Magog

    Your choice I suppose,


  • wizzstick

    BTW, I just finished watching the JW's videos on Christ. When are they going to give up on the torture stake garbage?

    When are all religious people giving up on this garbage?



    You say:

    The attackers will be 4) from the land of Magog (Turkey and part of Russia), Iran, Iraq, Syria Libya and other neighboring peoples, all Muslims today.

    This is all nonsense.

    Over 2,000 years people have interpreted the above in different ways.

    And what has happened?


  • smiddy

    Every negative event that happens in the Middle East especially where Israel is concerned is confirmation to a JW that the Bible prophecies are true.

    Irans declaration that they will wipe Israel off the map and their intent to produce Nuclear weapons is at the forefront of the average JW

    Could that be Gog of Magog in their mind ?

  • schnell

    @blondie, I read that article when it was published. Reading it again tonight, it is such poorly written nonsense.

    The part where they insert brackets into scripture is damning, and smacks of Rutherford doing the same. They're just reading an interpretation into it and expecting us to buy that.

    I love how they ask how birds can eat Satan the Devil when he's supposed to be a Spirit that is abyssed at that point, and the rest of the article's sophistry is concocted hence. Who cares?! They could easily have said, "Obviously, the birds can't physically eat Gog [Satan], and therefore this is symbolic of his misery in the abyss." I mean, why not? But they obviously wanted to push a new change this late in the game, something they can reference later in a subsequent update.

    Given the news about Russia at the time, it was pretty obvious what was being said between the lines, particularly when it brought up the king of the north. [And that was without the magic of inserting an interpretation in brackets.]

  • Onager

    My brother is mad keen on identifying the modern day Gog and Magog. Every single political ruckus on the world stage is bent and broken to fit in with his current crazy narrative. It's exhausting.

  • blondie


    Nothing new about how the WTS "tries" to explain prophecy. Always leave room for change. Like 1914, the average jw has no idea who Gog of Magog or who cares. Like they will know it if it happens if the remember the most recent interpretation. My stepfather is 83 and he couldn't explain the old one let alone this one.

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