Who is Gog/Magog?

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  • Cold Steel
    Cold Steel

    Ezekiel spends two chapters (38-39) describing a war that either will never take place, or which has yet to take place. According to the prophecy, the warlord Gog, of Magog, will 1) sweep down on Israel, covering the land like a cloud. This will happen in 2) the latter years when Israel will 3) be a people “gathered out of many nations” and peoples. The attackers will be 4) from the land of Magog (Turkey and part of Russia), Iran, Iraq, Syria Libya and other neighboring peoples, all Muslims today. When all looks the bleakest, Yahweh will 5) unleash fire from heaven, pestilences and other destructions. After this epic battle, 6) only a sixth part of Gog's army would be left. And 7) the people of Israel would no longer pollute the name of their God in perpetuity.

    Gog will be destroyed against the mountains of Israel and he and his hosts would be feasted on by the beasts of the field and fowl of prey, and that it would take seven years to burn the weapons of war.

    How does Gog play into JW eschatology and did you guys hear a lot about it when you were active? Many Christians note that only in the days we're presently in can these events transpire. When else did these particular countries have an enmity with Israel? Only now because of Israel. What other time in history were Jews gathered from the nations of the earth and the isles of the sea?

    Many theologians believe this is the same conflict detailed in Zechariah 12 and 14, and many also equate it with Revelation 11. But the topic of Gog has garnered much interest in Jewish, Christian and Muslim discussions.

  • Steel

    Jws use to believe everything was symbolic of satans attacking the wts and the annoited remnant in the end times.

    They recently had new light that israel might actually mean israel so there is a huge push to convert all the jews in Israel to good little dubs.

    The whole new theology borrows quite heavy from evangelical made in america Christianity where everything good or bad that happens to america is a product of our support of the jewish state.

    Or the fact jw ends times chronology isnt happening. I just know those dipsticks in brooklynn are watching the 700 club looking for ideas.

  • zeb

    700 club?

  • blondie

    Per WTS as of 2015

    w15 5/15 p. 29-p. 30 par. 5
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  • Awakenednow

    What always bugged me about any explanation is they apply it to JW's. the context is geographical and seems to me to obviously apply to Israel if taken literally as the GB takes at least a portion literal in asserting Gog is a coalition of nations. Also interesting is the 2520 year thingy closely matches the time Israel became a nation last century and the historical date of I think 587(?) when Babylon conquers Jerusalem. Apologies for any inaccuracies, it's been years since I attempted to surrender my brain to the subject.

  • cofty
    the topic of Gog has garnered much interest in Jewish, Christian and Muslim discussions. - Coldsteel

    Meanwhile in other news, Bilbo Baggins will be swept into a quest to reclaim the lost Dwarf Kingdom of Erebor from the fearsome dragon Smaug.

  • Awakenednow

    Haha Cofty....exactly

  • Vidiot

    These guys:



  • Carol1111

    Magog, Meshech and Tubal were all sons of Japheth in Genesis 10. The Ezekiel quote refers to their descendants.

  • Cold Steel
    Cold Steel

    The Gog/Magog prophecies center largely in Jewish, Christian and Muslim eschatology, with the Muslims taking the Jews out and replacing them with Muslims. Based on what Blondie found, the JWs are following what the Muslims have done and are putting themselves front and center. So far, no nations have converged on the JWs, especially in the Middle East.

    BTW, I just finished watching the JW's videos on Christ. When are they going to give up on the torture stake garbage? They're spitting into the wind of history, just as they've done with the 607 B.C. destruction of Jerusalem. After awhile it should be embarrassing. No one but the JWs but into the torture stake thing.

    Also, who does the casting for these videos? Why does Jesus have short hair and a beard? Was this intentional or was it something the actor wanted? It makes the production look foolish. I also noticed these videos are playing it a bit heavy handed on speaking to members today. All the stuff on doubts and the helpful advice given by the overseer narrator. What is an ovseer, exactly? Is it a bishop? Why do they change the words from the original?

    Was Jesus having short hair meant to send a message on grooming?

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