I made a Website to examine the scriptures/words usage in every JW publication since 1950/1970

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  • ComingOutaMyCage

    Hi everyone!
    I'm new here, but have been active on the reddit r\exjw community. I have just published a website where I analysed the last 50-70 years worth of watchtowers, awake, books, brochures, and kingdom ministries/work books.

    I have collected all the data and published it at the link below. You can also see below an example of Genesis. Clearly some scriptures get used far more than others.

    I hope some good discussion and thoughts can started from this :) Please post interesting things you find.


  • ComingOutaMyCage

    The link is unfortunately broken in this post and I can not longer edit. Here is the correct link


  • Sea Breeze
    Sea Breeze

    Book marked. Thanks for putting this together.

  • Ron.W.

    Fascinating - thank you.

  • Vanderhoven7

    Welcome to the forum ComingOutaMyCage!

    I'm sure with your background and experience you will be able to contribute to many of the issues dealt with on this forum.

    Looking forward to hearing from you.


  • dropoffyourkeylee

    Wow, quite a project. I would be interested if you have any observations. I just took a glance at Romans, and it appears that Romans 3:23 saw a huge increase of use starting in 1976 ('All have sinned and fall short... etc').


  • dropoffyourkeylee

    Reminds me of a book I read recently called 'The Secret Life of Pronouns', in which the author uses computer analysis of pronoun usage to make inferences about the authors.

  • AudeSapere

    Hi Coming Outa My Cage.

    Welcome to JWN! It's nice to have you join us.

    I may have 'met' you once or twice online for an xjw meetup (based out of LosAngeles) but open to xjw's anywhere.

    Thanks for posting this resource.

    AudeSapere (meaning: Dare to Know; Dare to Have Wisdom/Understanding; Dare to Think for Yourself)

  • resolute Bandicoot
    resolute Bandicoot

    No mention of the bit about false prophets in Deuteronomy 18 for more than 20 years now, no surprises there.

    Thanks for your work and welcome comingoutofmycage.


  • skin

    Welcome, thanks for all your hard work you have put in to getting that information available. Thanks 😊

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