Do Any Of You Still Think Trump Was Working With The Russians?

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  • NoAbuse

    Not certain what Obama has to do with it? If you think that Obama’s birthplace is a “fact” then… maybe you’d like to hear about how “you can live forever in paradise on earth.” The truth is that we’ll never “know” for certain (partially his pre-politics self’s fault for muddying the waters via name-changes, misrepresenting and “finding himself”).

    What we can reasonably foresee is that Obama will be viewed as perhaps the least effective president since WWII (move over Jimmy) and probably in the lower third of all presidents. History will not judge Obama favorably (and will not be swayed by the identity politics everyone seems to glom onto with this ‘articulate’ man). His foreign policy will probably be the area in which he will probably be most severely criticized by the historians of 2120.

    This thread is about a Russian threat, about which Obama sneered ‘The 1980s called, they want their foreign policy back.’ He was brilliant …from inserting himself into low-level domestic race tensions (and inflaming them) to “leading from behind” ….the man was brilliant …wherever he was born.

  • oppostate

    trumpolini has dreams of a branded Moscow Hotel making it big over there thats enough collusion in my book. Filthy lucre loving pathological liar and clown

    of a putin slackey he is!

  • caves

    recovering-Just as proof of how powerful Facebook political Influences can be we just need to look to the Arab spring. It changed the face of mideast politics . Look at how many middle eastern countries where involved in either civil wars or the to changes in rulership during this period.

    Facebook, rather Mark Z did an experiment on a few small little country's several years ago and cut FB off for the most part for them, Not only that but tweaked portions of it. The political system went into ciaos. Let me see what I can find...

    That is just one example. I cant find the one I was looking for but it may be in the article somewhere. Its Mark Z that is colluding. Haven't you noticed that since the rise of FB the fit has hit the shan.

    This has nothing to do with Trump.

    On that note, politicians use the platform to get there crappy messages out. And people spread their own misinformation on FB and fb for the most part lets them.

    Did Russia interfere? Yes, Yes they did. BUT WHO LET THEM? Mark Zukenfucker! The richest man on the planet that could literally take down the entire planet with a few keystrokes. Why is this NOT the issue?

  • RubaDub

    Min ...

    To directly answer your question, I don't know.

    But I noticed when Trump was doing an impromptu interview before getting into the helicopter, the wind blew the orange thing back off his head. And there appeared to be that same red thing that Mikhail Gorbachev had on his head, something that looks like the country of Cuba.

    Coincidence??? I don't know. I just don't know.

    Rub a Dub

  • Sea Breeze
  • LV101

    Too bad you don't mind Ole Hil stealing/selling our country's uranium to Russia -- ahhh, that's right - it's okay it's Dem.

  • recovering

    The Russians are not stupid they know how the electoral college world and who to target the adds to

  • Doctor Who
    Doctor Who

    It is nothing new. Governments have been using misinformation from time immemorial. Russia does it, Great Brittan does it, Iran, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, and yes, even the good old USA does it. The only thing that is different is the means used. It is progressing as we, as a society progresses.

    What you need to ask yourself is why is some in the media and on the left is trying to so hard to spin such a non issue as this, especially when it is a tactic that the left uses? Well, I will answer it for you...because they have dumb down people so much, divided people so much, they know you will believe them without really looking into it. Just remember, "Orange man bad. ORANGE MAN BAD!"

    ******ORANGE MAN BAD********

    (Now let us 'fix' our Democratic nomination process and don't look at what we are doing. It is just a bunch of computer errors, counting issues, and human errors......oh, and ORANGE MAN BAD!)

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  • shadow

    Actually, he and all of his rivals will soon be dead. We will all soon be dead too, so try to remain calm.

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