Do Any Of You Still Think Trump Was Working With The Russians?

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  • MeanMrMustard
    That the Russians were able to hack media that influence public opinion in regards to voting.

    The only “interference” I’ve seen proven is a few hundred thousand dollars of Facebook advertisements. That was in 2016. Give me a break. That isn’t what I would call interference.

    For 2020, do tell, how are they interfering? More Facebook ads? Do you have an example?

  • minimus

    The Russians are the bogeymen. They are always being blamed . I really wish Americans looked at our own country and see what we do behind the scenes to manipulate elections or rulers or presidents

  • NoAbuse

    Do you still need to see Obama's long form birth certificate?

  • JW_Researcher

    Do you still need to see Obama's long form birth certificate?

    Not certain what Obama has to do with it? If you think that Obama’s birthplace is a “fact” then… maybe you’d like to hear about how “you can live forever in paradise on earth.” The truth is that we’ll never “know” for certain (partially his pre-politics self’s fault for muddying the waters via name-changes, misrepresenting and “finding himself”).

    What we can reasonably foresee is that Obama will be viewed as perhaps the least effective president since WWII (move over Jimmy) and probably in the lower third of all presidents. History will not judge Obama favorably (and will not be swayed by the identity politics everyone seems to glom onto with this ‘articulate’ man). His foreign policy will probably be the area in which he will probably be most severely criticized by the historians of 2120.

    This thread is about a Russian threat, about which Obama sneered ‘The 1980s called, they want their foreign policy back.’ He was brilliant …from inserting himself into low-level domestic race tensions (and inflaming them) to “leading from behind” ….the man was brilliant …wherever he was born.

  • recovering

    Mean me mustard sometimes you make me shake my head at your refusal to effect facts. You minimize what has been proven if it does not fit your agenda.

    Just as proof of how powerful Facebook political Influences can be we just need to look to the Arab spring. It changed the face of mideast politics . Look at how many middle eastern countries where involved in either civil wars or the to changes in rulership during this period.

  • FedUpJW

    That the Russians were able to hack media that influence public opinion in regards to voting.

    And yet the left continues to blather on about how Hildebeest won the popular vote. So if she did, whose benefit did the Russians work for?

  • Simon

    The fact they are trying to resurrect the thoroughly debunked Russia Hoax tells you how desperate they are and devoid of ideas they have become.

    They accuse Trump of being a Russian puppet after what Clinton did, and when their front-running candidate is an outright communist who had his honeymoon there (who does that?!?). It backs up my theory that most people's idea of the "ultimate accusation" is the thing they themselves are most guilty of.

    I think the campaign consultants are running the dems now. They are happy to turn the wheel to take cash out of people's pockets and into theirs, with no chance whatsoever of being elected for the vast majority of them. They really are devoid of scruples.

    I hope the dems crash and "Bern" so badly that they realize they need to have an internal purge to ever be given airtime again until they do. I doubt they will have that level of honesty or self-reflection but even the media will have to get bored of them at some point and know that there's no value sucking up to them.

  • shadow

    If you can't trust Putin and Trump, who can you trust?

  • scary21

    Remember Obama gave Ukraine blankets . Trump gave Ukraine Missiles to fight Russia. Russia must love Trump for that . DUH, wouldn't you like the person that gave your neighbor the knife to slit your tires. YEP they love love love Trump

    Now do you think it could be possible that they would like Bernie better ? After all he loves Cuba and Honeymooned in the greatest place on earth Russia.

    Really people, are we really going to go down the debunked Russian hoax AGAIN. THINK !!! I What would they do to Trump for deleting 30,000 subpoenaed e-mails. Even though we all know they were all about his grand kids and he wouldn't want any one to read about his grand kids. That would be so embarrassing .

    Yes you guessed it . impeached.

  • LV101

    NO but clearly Obama was workin' it -- let's not forget Obama's hot mic moment with Russian President Medvedev how he'd have more flexibility after re-elected -- boy did he hahahahahaha. Hilarious - stay tuned for the facts.

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