Building layoffs & JW calendar 2016 theme

by Gorbatchov 33 Replies latest jw friends

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    Guess I'll just have to wait till I get appointed MS or Elder before even thinking of dating anyone of those chicks eh ?

    As I've often said GB are just pimps in all sense of the word. Pimping God, Jesus, the Bible, your spirituality, your job, money, marriage mate etc. That is where I was going with this.

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    Tasi-devil, your post a few pages back was so awesome! Well said.

    As for the "building work" calendar....surely it is just PR spin!?

    You know, if they keep repeating the line about "how the work is speeding up, how the increase is hard to keep up with, how we NEED so many more halls" just fuels the hype.

    Classic PR spin at its best.....

    (problems. What problems?)

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