Were You Successful In The Ministry?

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  • xjw_b12

    Francois. ROFLMAO

    You are my hero.

  • minimus

    JH, I know a lot of people that will pay for an old screw.

  • mouthy

    Oh there you all go again!!!! Making me feel like a s...t...Yes I made 10 people Jehovahs Witness. 4 even died in the mind set...Only ONE of them came out.... One of them is a liar also. I picketed the Sky Dome when they had a Assembly-( there was a bunch of us EX) This one -VIOLET!!! I made a JW ( took me a long time also) saw me picketing & went home ( Montreal) to tell my JW daughter -That I was picketing all dressed in white!!!! Thank God I have pictures of it--- I am in pink suit... Why did I click on this link!!!! ruined my day!!!( Slam the door & leaving..) !!! What kind of JWS were you No converts!!!!
    You know what they used to say????"YOU DIDNT MAKE IT YOU OWN!" So go on GLOAT!!! Guess there you will all be sitting on that cloud!!!& I will probably stoaking those fires!!!!! >sticks out tongue to you all>>>>>lol

  • elumn8

    we have people who buy and sell ... like 5 virgins and although they were foolish where does that leave the other 5? how did they get their oil? maybe they bought it from a Jehovah's Witness!!!!!!!! no that can't be cause the only thing they didn't do was BUY into such religions as the Jehovah's Witnesses.

    So if anyone asks you if you were successful in selling yourselves they are probably right. Cause they will mislead many. They would like to think that NUMBERS matter but they only fool themselves into thinking they did have enough (OIL) numbers.

    When holy spirit dries up. When the Eurphrates river is gone, Who will you go to Minimus? where will you get your OIL? Maybe you could get some from that other CO.

    YEAH, your all marked. Only you can buy and sell. Maybe you'll give others the mark too so they can buy into YOUR teachings. When all allong it was Jesus who taught love and mercy. Never a law to stone the prophets that come in your midst.

  • minimus


  • xjw_b12


    I bow down to you. I am praying to my god Holy Cheeses of the Juice, to give you relief from your suffering. Amen

    Hey either that or ask your doctor to refill your prescription.

  • Holey_Cheeses*King_of_the juice.
    Holey_Cheeses*King_of_the juice.


    I understand there has been much beseeching for me to come and render you spiritual assistance. Upon reading your post, I see that there is mention of oil and stone, but I don't think your problem rests entirely with your abuse of marihuana and hash oil.

    Your problem most likely stems from supervision, or, more correctly, the lack of it. Obviously one of the medical staff attending to you, released you from your restraints before giving you your much needed medication. cheeses can only hope that that person has been severely reprimanded and shown the consequences of his foolish action.

    cheeses (of-the-one-who-cares-for-those-who-are-not-the-sharpest-tool-in-the-shed-class)

  • SpunkyChick

    I barely got anyone to ever accept a magazine, let alone conduct a bible study! w00t!

  • johnny cip
    johnny cip

    well i think i'm doing fine it the fs today as i was never a jw . but after 30 years of hereing all the wt bull. and 4 years of testing the wt . i have shut down many elders in the street , after they invited me to the hall for a study in the library, and on return visits that i start by calling them on the phone . and stopping every chance i get when i see a jw in fs. i'm sure that i have jw's asking questions of the elders they never heard of . i know of one elder that has stepped down , but not sure of the reason but we have talked for 2 years, and he got a computer on the sneak. shush. i have no records of any one quiting but i know i'm making an impact in my circuit. as some jw's seem to know about me before i even talk to them. now that's getting attention

  • madamewalker

    My 'door-to-door' years were spent mostly as a minor, at a time when everyone knows NO kid really WANTED to go in service and miss morning cartoons, esp. on Saturday. But I remember having to switch up partners with another pair in the field, so I could no longer hide behind my mom, and since I always faked properly preparing I would do this improv right at the door, and the older brothers/sisters were all impressed. I'd think, "If they only knew!"

    But, getting back to the question, my antics never produced any 'fruit'. Hee hee.

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