Were You Successful In The Ministry?

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  • minimus

    I think the more prominent you are, the more people will talk about you if they think you are on your way out of the organization. I believe that the Bible students that you might have studied with are the most affected if you defect from the "truth".

  • undercover

    I had one study in over 30 years of field service. And it didn't work out. The guy was too sharp. He never even stepped foot in the hall.

    I hated service and only went out because I was supposed to

    That's how I felt. Of course I would never have admitted it to anyone, even myself, at the time. But looking back on it, it is true.

  • freeman

    I was very successful; I never converted anyone. Thank God!


  • tech 597
    tech 597

    I had a few "bible studies" over the years, but these were mostly with the children of witness parents who, for some reason, did not wish or have the time to study with their own kids.

    As far as the door to door ministry, I found the amount of changes an interested person would need to make to become a jw intimidating, and this was before I began to have serious doubts about the need for someone to even do it. Looking back on it now makes me even more appreciative of the simple message of the gospel.

  • minimus

    If the preacher/teacher finds the ministry intimidating, then you know that the prospective student would never learn the "truth". And as was noted, this would be a success!

  • liquidsky

    I didn't want to be sucessful.I had to force myself to go out in service, and I never, ever made return visits or conducted bible studies. Even when I aux. pioneered, I never did that well in placing literature.

  • be wise
    be wise

    To be honest, I was sh#t. Nobody ever believed me, thank God.

    I wonder why ?

  • Brummie

    Shamefully I had 9 bible studies at my peek and 37 mag routes, some mag routes had them fortnightly some monthly, some as and when I felt like calling.


  • minimus

    I never remembered my return visits because I would not usually show up 'til the next year or so. But I always kept the presentation pretty much the same and lame. All I would say is that I was back in the neighborhood again and wanted to give the 2 latest magazines to them. No more than 15 seconds. They would take them because I was brief and to the point and they wanted to quickly get rid of me.

  • be wise
    be wise

    Aahh, the GB boys would've been so proud of you peddling all them magazines.

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