No One on GB Anointed

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  • TakeOffTheCrown

    What if no one on the Governing Body is truly anointed? What if they just proclaim they are anointed and partake in order to gain authority, but they are not anointed? What will happen to them when they die? Will they be resurrected? Or, will they cease to exist?

    Anyone on the Governing Body who proclaim to be of the anointed, yet they are not, will have to face the possibility of non-existence.

  • stillin
    We all face that possibility! We all can be self-deluded. Or we can try to delude others. I feel that if these guys are faking their whole thing, they have pretty crappy lives and they deserve it.
  • sparrowdown

    Are any of the "annointed" annointed?

    Just as relevant - Can Superman really jump tall buildings in a single bound?

  • Dunedain

    I hate to burst your bubble, but EVERY one of the GB's are NOT anointed. They are NOT being directed by the One, and Only, All powerful, Creator of the Universe.

    The Creator of the universe, does not, and has NOT directed them, or given them any holy spirit, or "favoring". The All powerful, dynamic, abundance of energy, that is God, is NOT communicating to the billions of humans on planet earth, with the GB. The GB are not the channel that, the most incredible being in the universe, is "using" to usher humanity into the final, earthly days of this system.

    Rather, in contrast, the GB's are crusty old MEN, who have no "sense" of anything that matters in this real world of 6 billion of us. They are MEN, on a sinking "ship", collapsing in upon itself, from a weak, and baseless foundation, of LIES, and false prophecys. Also, they do NOT like short hair cuts on woman, and skinny jeans on men.

  • oppostate

    The classic aphorism "fake it till you make it" may well apply.

  • Crazyguy
    The Bible says that only Jesus was anointed. His followers we're part of the body of Christ therefore being of his body they enjoyed his anointing. There is no favoritism with God and all those that believe in Christ are gods sons no distinction.
  • SloppyMcFloppy
    Does anybody know the accommodation, benefits o money if any the GB receive by the org... or they just another volunteer with little pay like the rest.... i wish there was more transparency to see were all the money goes....
  • stillin
    Sloppy one, the leaders of a worldwide brotherhood could hardly be expected to be seen running around in cheap polyester suits! It's OK for the other ones , but not the leaders.
  • Oubliette

    Whaddya mean, "What if"?

    The whole thing is a delusion.

    None them are anointed with anything but insanity.

  • Cold Steel
    Cold Steel
    Crazyguy: The Bible says that only Jesus was anointed. [As his] followers we're part of the body of Christ therefore being of his body they enjoyed his anointing. There is no favoritism with God and all those that believe in Christ are God's sons no distinction.

    Where does it say only Jesus was anointed? The bible is full of people being anointed -- kings, priests, prophets were all anointed and/or ordained. Jesus gave the Twelve (and Peter) the keys of the kingdom of heaven, that whatsoever they bound on Earth would be bound in heaven and vice versa. What happened to those keys? Who has them today? IF the GB members are anointed, who anointed them. Anointing wasn't just a figure of speech in the scriptures. Neither was ordination. Ordination was a hands-on-head conveying of authority. If the GB members are acting in God's name and by His authority, then they were called of God as was Aaron, ordained and anointed as was Aaron. The question is, who called and ordained them, and who anointed them? Jesus organized a church, but the WTBTS has always denied it is a church. In fact, if you're a JW, you can be disfellowshiped for attending a church.

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