Evolution a Fact - Agreed but So What?

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  • Finkelstein

    LAWHFol says ..... Evolution matches perfectly with the concept of a Designed Universe. IMO

    OK so what about when are sun explodes like all other stars and turns into a black hole, making life on this planet impossible and will stop, does that coincided with a designed universe ?

  • prologos

    does that coincided with a designed universe ? Since all we have, the laws, the energy, the material, time, produced us through the evolutionary process, it would no doubt allow us too,- to develop technology in the the next 3 billion years that this planet will remain inhabitable, to transfer life, if not individuals, to another world. one way or another.

    we have to get used to it, every thing and process has an build-in expiration date, Evolution would not work without it is that not a fact? even the sun has just set,- finkelstein. right?

  • prologos

    it is not apparent that a possible "Deist" creator would have to micro-manage the universe. From personal experience as a survivor, there is very little pain felt and remembered in catastrophic events, Somehow the ancestors that developed the adrenalin / morphine response to schreck, reproduced well. and, without previous star generations evolving and dying there would not be carbon, no developing terrestrial life,

    There is a good reason why there is trial in terrestrial. and error.

  • David_Jay

    Finkelstein does have a point. The definition of "Creator" as generally accepted not only by Jehovah's Witnesses but many Christians makes cosmological cataclysm more than problematic for their theology. I myself see neither sustainable logic nor theological sense in limiting a deity to the type of "benevolence" that makes the stuff of literalist religion.

    On the other hand, such a paradox does not exist for all religions. Judaism, while not entirely absent of an eschatology, has little to no investment in "living today for eternity" as do Christians like Catholics, JWs, and LDS. The present life may be all there is, or so goes this theology, and God may not or does not have to be present in any form in the world. For these God is neither subject to the definition of "benevolence" nor bound to any other standard common to Christianity and Islam's definition of what God is or cannot be.

    A universal application of evolution as a champion for the cause of atheism or religion is hard to defend as, so previously explained, the model is limited to the process. Alluding to or excluding God is really adding philosophy and theology to the mix, and the model is the product of neither discipline. Science does not deal in the transcendent and thus cannot be used as a defender of either stand or conviction.

  • M*A*S*H
    OP just another 'god of the gaps' argument.
  • Heaven

    I was always taught to believe that God created everything in 6 days. Of course, I don't believe that. But religious nutbags do.

    This is 100% bullshit and Evolution is a big part of proving this statement false, that's why the statement 'Evolution is Fact' is so important.

  • SecretSlaveClass
    For the sake of argument and beating one's head against the wall, I wish the world would agree to do away with the "theory of evolution" and simply refer to it as evolution, the same way we do not refer to gravity as the "theory of gravity" - thank goodness or we'd be arguing for the evidence of gravity too.
  • David_Jay

    I hate to tell you this, SecretSlaveClass, but that is what we call the law of gravity in science. It is actually called the "theory of gravitation" and this model was discovered by Sir Isaac Newton.

    The problem is not that science uses the term "theory" but that some like the JWs are too close-minded to educate themselves about science to understand and use the proper terms.

  • KateWild
    The fact that those speaking on evolution tend to also be atheists doesn't mean they are attacking your god when laying out evolution facts. - fmf

    Lol this is hilarious, Dawkins is well known as a fundie that attacks God. He wrote a book called "The God Delusion" he is an evolutionary biologist saying that anyone who believes in God is delusional.

    FMF you crease me up hahahahhahahaha!!!!!! You're talking utter nonsense

    Love you though

    Kate xx

  • Makemeanunbeliever
    Evolution is a fact? No more so than creation. No one knows and its up to each individual to weigh the seen and unseen and make their personal decision.

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