Has the rebranding worked?

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  • UnshackleTheChains

    Whenever I see that blue JW.ORG sign outside the kingdom Hall, business like premises comes to mind. Strangers would have absolutely no idea it was a Christian place of worship.

    There is a similar style building up the road (a Christian church) and have signs that clearly reflect a Christian place of worship.

  • The Searcher
    The Searcher

    I genuinely believe that the rebranding has worked - to generate disillusionment and apathy amongst many average J.W.'s. who are bewildered at the predominantly "mute witnessing" trolley ministry, as well as the abominably scripted and sterile CLAM workbook & meeting. (not to mention the constant "donation" pleas)

    Example: apart from the Bible reading which has to be 4 minutes or less, every single item in next week's CLAM meeting is based on a WTBTS publication - not the Bible! No room for personal expression or insight!

    Otherwise, "zealous" ones are gulping it all down as they want to be more convinced than ever that the end must be near!

  • DesirousOfChange

    It may be "working" among the steady JWs, but mostly because they must believe (and pretend) that it is "working". They dare not question anything or they will be criticized (at least) or labeled "apostate" (at worst).

    So yes! Everyone thinks the Cart Witnessing is Beautiful!

    So yes! Everyone thinks the JW*Org and JW-TV videos are Beautiful!

    So yes! Everyone thinks the new CLAM format is Beautiful!

    So yes! Everyone thinks the new growth is Beautiful! (Because they are told so.)

    So yes! Everyone thinks merging Congs is Beautiful! (until they realize THEY lost the Kingdom Hall that they paid for over 20 years and are going 25 miles to meetings)

    So yes! Everyone thinks the steadily increasing "donation" for Circus Assemblies in Beautiful! (because the Borg needs more money to maintain the expensive JW*Org)

    Yes! Everything is Beautiful!

    Image result for cabaret the girls are beautiful

  • blondie

    So the rebranding has worked with jws....but non-jws?

  • Heaven

    Interestingly, my cousin, who hasn't contacted me in over 7 years, just out of the blue sent me an email about a month ago. He knew my Dad wasn't well 7 years ago as he was the one who emailed me back in 2009 that something wasn't right with Dad. Then nothing until now. He is a born in like me. Maybe ... just maybe the re-branding is part of why he contacted me.

    Their videos are crap. Lots of doctrinal bs too. The blood policy nonsense is a big one for our family.

    Anyone who has been in the Borg at least since the '60s has got to know something isn't right here. Where the f*ck is Armageddon?!! Fifty plus years ain't "imminent" ... it's not even "soon".

  • schnell


    • I do think more people than ever before are aware of Jehovah's witnesses. Prince helped.
    • I do think more people than ever are aware of their BS doctrine, practices and policies. (BS = "Bible Student" of course)
    • The only reason more attention isn't paid to them is that there are bigger problems in the world, like ISIS.
    • More personally, it feels more like a genuine cult in recent years. It would not surprise me AT ALL to see a GB member admit on JWB that it is a cult, nor would it surprise me to see the rank and file eat that up too.
  • flipper

    I'll expand on Desirous of Changes takes :

    Kingdom hall take overs by WT Society are beautiful !

    Traveling 30 miles out of the way to meetings is beautiful !

    WT Child abuse policies are beautiful - we love children !

    No blood transfusion policies are beautiful - we're faithful to Jah !

    Shunning inactive JW relatives is beautiful ! Makes em' want to come back !

    Not going to college is beautiful ! We get higher education reading WT !

    Getting unjust treatment from elders is beautiful ! Teaches humility !

    Thanks Desirous for the idea . You all get the point. JW's are CONDITIONED to think that everything the WT Society does for them has a good or positive motive behind it. It's ridiculous how naïve they are. It may kill them someday.

    WT Society might tell them, " To show your faithfulness to Jehovah's loving organization we want you to jump off this high cliff into the ocean ! " And as JW's are jumping they'll be saying, " There's always the resurrection ! " They are just SOOO deluded and deceived by mind control that their brain neurotransmitters are totally shut down to see anything negative about the WT Society or it's leaders. Quite sad actually

  • ttdtt

    Numbers dont lie - the answer is NO.

  • LoveUniHateExams

    The WT rebranding has given the org a veneer, a shiny exterior, but they have yet to modernise and live in the 21st century, IMO.

    Look at all the abuse cases in the cult.

    If they truly want to modernise the religion, the WT higher-ups still have everything to do ...

    Edit: maybe I'm being naïve. Maybe the WT doesn't want to live in the 21st century at all.

  • Finkelstein

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