RC 2017 talk: Safeguard Your Children From “What Is Evil”

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    This WT prose directing the responsibilities at the child is sickening.....nonJWspouse

    Considering Watchtowers criminal behavior and disgusting reputation, concerning children..


    WatchTower Needs To..

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  • fastJehu

    @ OrphanCrow

    In the Submissions on behalf ofWatchtower Bible and Tract Societyof Australia & Others9 November 2015, this statement was made (pg 15):

    Child sexual abuse is a matter of concern to any right thinking parent or adult, and to see it only as an “institutional” problem would be to miss an essential truth: that much abuse occurs within families.

    Sorry - but I can't find this statement in the document within your link.

    Maybe the link is wrong.

  • OrphanCrow
    fastjehu: Maybe the link is wrong

    You are right - the link is wrong.

    I tried to find the document to link to, but I am not having any success.

    It should be in the "Exhibit's" list of the ARC website for Case 29. I have it saved to a hard drive but I can't seem to unearth it on the ARC website.

    The document that quote comes from is:


  • fastJehu
  • darkspilver

    Saturday - 11:00 SYMPOSIUM: Build a House That Will Endure

    Safeguard Your Children From “What Is Evil”

    Parents, ask yourselves: ‘Have I trained my children regarding what are proper displays of affection, the importance of wearing modest clothing, and the need for others to respect their privacy?’

    UK Mirror Newspaper, 6 May 2017

    Girl who was abused by dad for five years asked Jehovah's Witnesses for help - but got molested by church elder too

    For five years, from the age of 11, she would suffer at the hands of her perverted father. Angie felt powerless as God-fearing Jehovah’s Witness Ian Cousins abused her on an almost weekly basis,

    Angie was 15 when she confided in a pal whose father was a leader in a different congregation. Elders investigated and Cousins, now 55, was called to a 'judicial meeting'.

    Angie was quizzed by three male elders. They asked intimate questions about where she was touched and how. She explains: "They even asked what I’d been wearing, as if it was my fault. It was excruciating."

    READ MORE: https://www.jehovahs-witness.com/topic/5117651812614144/uk-daily-mirror-girl-who-abused-dad-5-years-asked-jws-help-but-got-molested-church-elder-too

  • steve2

    RO, the failed JW, words JW flavoured "admonition' better than JW writers and shares it with ex-JWs. A man who somehow 'knows' what JW writers intended and does a more tactful job. Now there's an insular but impotent defense, if ever there's been one.

  • Brokeback Watchtower
    Brokeback Watchtower

    Almost every thing the Watchtower Corporation wishes to indoctrinate into it's captive youths is harmful even though they sugar coat it, they only see these young ones as future corporation free labor slaves and money contributors.

    All these mega buck$$ lawsuits are proving this point in the courts, that they are evil and now legally prosecutable in a court of law due to their malicious behavior towards these youths whom of which they have a fiduciary duty to look out for their welfare due the claims of this religious body of frauds make.

  • OrphanCrow
    steve2: A man who somehow 'knows' what JW writers intended and does a more tactful job.

    And he still gets it wrong. He uses 100 words to say the same thing as 10 words. And he is still wrong.

    Tactfully wrong.

  • jp1692

    Why not just insist on all children, both boys and girls, wearing burqas? That would solve the problem! NOT!

    It is simply astounding that the WT leadership continues to get the point. Their willful resistance to understanding that their institutional policies are flawed is incomprehensible. Yet their culpability remains; indeed it increases exponentially with every deflection of the appropriate acceptance of responsibility.

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