RC 2017 talk: Safeguard Your Children From “What Is Evil”

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  • wifibandit

    You read that right. There is a whole talk on the topic.

    Outline: Safeguard Your Children From “What Is Evil” CO-tk17-26-E

  • suavojr

    I guess the GB and the high power witothe org are feeling the pressure 😀👌👍💪

  • steve2

    Not one single word on how parents/caregivers need to react when allegations of child sex abuse arise. I guess they want to be seen to be saying the "right" thing up to a point - but not to get too much into the necessary steps.

    That said, it astounds me that they have a presentation set aside on safeguarding children - entirely premised on warning kids with nothing on responding to allegations.

  • Anders Andersen
    Anders Andersen

    Talk 1: protect your children from physical abuse

    Talk 2: how to mentally abuse your child by indoctrinating them into our cult

    Also the lack of 'how to detect if your child is abused' and 'what to do if your child is abused' are interesting.

    They still don't get that it's not only about prevention and reminding parents they are responsible for that. They still deny that the JW org has a responsibility too, and they still haven't improved their ancient rules and regulations to protect children. So sad. :-(

  • sparrowdown

    Anything in there about that evil person could be a member of the congregation including an elder or ministerial servant so never allow your child to be alone in a car or FS with anyone ???

  • sir82

    Yeah, because the immodest clothing that 5 year olds wear is the primary cause of their being abused.

    Could the nincompoops at Bethel possibly be more clueless?

    "If an adult asked them to do something wrong" - as if child molesters ask permission.

    Gad, this is just nauseating.

  • sparrowdown

    Whatever WT says on this subject it always has the wiff of victim blaming or in this case potential victim blaming and shaming.

  • smiddy

    The Almighty God Jehovah /Yahweh/ Allah The Eternal ,or whatever else believers in the books of the Biblewant to call him is the one who allowed Evil to be brought into the world .

    As the many scriptures have been brought out in other posts the God of the Bible is both good and evil.

    This is also demonstrated in Gen.3:22 where God said "here the man has become like one of us knowing good and bad " or good and evil to put it another way.

    If God hadnt put such a tree, of "knowledge of good and bad" in the garden of Eden in the first place ,Eve and then Adam couldnt have know bad/evil.

    So God knows what good and bad/evil was before he put that tree in the garden of Eden ,so within God himself is good and evil , he is both good and evil.and he put that temptation in front of the first human pair.

  • smiddy

    The Evil God Jehovah /Yahweh

    1Sam 16: 14-23.



  • ttdtt

    This is just an exercise in - SEE WE ARE DOING ALL WE CAN bla bla bla.

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